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Mar 30
Slack wants to integrate calls with Microsoft Teams

Slack is developing a feature whereby its users will be able to communicate with users…

Mar 30
Google allocated $ 800 + million to fight against coronavirus

Google has allocated more than $ 800 million to support small and medium-sized…

Mar 25
Belarusian neural network analyzes scenarios for Hollywood

A team of Belarusian developers has created a filmustage web service. It automates the…

Mar 24
Microsoft: hackers attack Windows users through an unclosed bug

Microsoft said there was a previously unknown vulnerability in all versions of Windows…

Mar 23
Google launched a coronavirus site

Google has created an information site and a hub in the search engine for the…

Mar 11
Cloudflare Collects Free Remote Tools

Cloudflare, a cyber security services company, has launched a new Open for Business…