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Like Nastya is a popular YouTube channel featuring videos of a young girl named Anastasia Radzinskaya, also known as Nastya. Born on January 27, 2014, in Krasnodar, Russia, Nastya has gained an enormous following with her fun, educational, and engaging videos.

Nastya's videos are designed to entertain and educate children of all ages. Her channel features a wide range of content, including toy reviews, pretend play, skits, songs, and educational videos. Her videos are known for their high-quality production, engaging visuals, and fun storylines.

One of Nastya's most popular video series is her "pretend play" videos, in which she and her family members act out different scenarios, such as playing doctor, cooking, or going to the beach. These videos are particularly popular with young children, who love to imagine themselves in these roles.

In addition to her pretend play videos, Nastya also creates educational content that teaches children about numbers, colors, shapes, and more. Her educational videos are designed to be fun and interactive, and they often feature Nastya and her family members engaging in hands-on activities that help children learn through play.

One of the things that sets Nastya apart from other YouTube channels is her backstory. At the age of one, Nastya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects muscle coordination and mobility. Despite this diagnosis, Nastya has never let her condition hold her back. Instead, she has used her platform to inspire other children with disabilities to pursue their dreams.

Since launching her channel in 2016, Nastya has become one of the most popular YouTube creators in the world. Her channel has over 90 million subscribers, making it one of the top ten most-subscribed channels on the platform. She has also won numerous awards, including the YouTube Diamond Play Button and the Guinness World Record for being the most-watched female YouTuber globally.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Nastya has also launched a range of merchandise, including clothing, toys, and accessories. Her merchandise is popular with children around the world, and it can be found in stores and online retailers.

Overall, Nastya's YouTube channel is an excellent example of how content creators can use their platforms to entertain and educate children. Her videos are fun, engaging, and educational, and they have inspired millions of children around the world. As Nastya continues to grow her platform and reach more viewers, she is sure to continue making a positive impact on the lives of children everywhere.

Nastya's success has not only been recognized by her millions of fans, but also by major brands and media outlets. She has partnered with companies such as Lego, Barbie, and McDonald's, and has been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes, CNN, and The Guardian.

Nastya's success has also allowed her to use her platform to give back to her community. She has donated to organizations that support children with disabilities and has even launched her own foundation, the Like Nastya Foundation, which aims to help children around the world who are in need.

Another unique aspect of Nastya's channel is the involvement of her family members, who often appear in her videos. Nastya's parents, Anna and Sergey, are both involved in creating and producing the videos, and her younger sister, Stacy, also makes appearances. The family dynamic adds an element of authenticity and relatability to the videos, and it's clear that Nastya's family is an integral part of her success.

Despite her young age, Nastya has already made a significant impact on the world of children's entertainment. Her channel has proven that educational content can be fun and engaging, and that creators can use their platforms to make a positive impact on the world. As Nastya continues to grow and evolve, she is sure to remain a beloved figure in the world of children's entertainment.


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