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About this Discord Server

THE FALLOUT NETWORK, a state-of-the-art Server from Vault-Tec. Discussion, Lore, Modding, & everything else in-between.

Welcome to THE FALLOUT NETWORK, the official, and state-of-the-art Discord Server from Vault-Tec.

We are a cooperative initiative of a number of long-standing Fallout-themed subreddits on Reddit, a hub, so to say, for our favorite franchise. This currently includes r/fallout, r/fo76, r/fo4, r/fnv, r/fo3, r/classicfallout, r/falloutlore, r/falloutmods, r/fotv!

And for the past 5 years, in our all-in-one Discord Server - a hub of discussion with a range of topics that includes, but are not limited to:

Our 💣Fallout community (duh!), with its Modding groups, our Lore-scholars, our classic-games fans, New Vegas, Capital Wasteland and Boston enthusiasts, and of course, our zestful 76-ers, along with tie-in services provided by our Trading & LFG Network systems!

We also said "not limited to", right? Well yes, with our out-standing staple, 1️⃣ #off_topic chat for general lounging, our 2️⃣ #news_and_discussion sandbox channel, which caters to our most fine and classy debaters, our very own 3️⃣ #tech_support that is out to help everyone in need, and lastly, but not least, our 4️⃣#spoiler_forums, a place dedicated for all newly released popular media, such as TV series and movies!


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