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About this Discord Server

Guys! This is DUDU! 🐻 DuDulab here have helped me establish a channel to communicate with you in different worlds!


DuDuLab is an NFT project team incubated by Baidu. NFT main image is Baidu's largest IP - DUDU. The project will release the first batch of DuDu NFTs in Japan in early November, with a total of 10,000 PFP images. The first batch of DuDu NFTs is divided into five levels, of which the most rare is Dr.bear (80 copies), followed by Explorer bear, Lonely Bear, Engineering Bear, and Rebellious bear. The benefits that DuDuLab will give to holders include the second-generation DuDu AIGC NFTs airdrop, cultural and creative products around DuDu official entities, offline parties for global DuDu holders, free experience on Baidu AI platform, brand cooperation resources, and whitelist airdrops for cooperative projects. Baidu virtual human cloud Experience qualification, etc.


DuDuLab has constructed a novel for DuDu's life experience, which integrates 80% of the world's cultures from different races, countries and classes.Describes the five stages that DuDu, who was at the bottom of Bear Island, went through after the death of his relatives, Rebellious bear, Engineering Bear, Lonely Bear, Explorer bear, Dr.bear, and finally gradually transformed into DuDu who dared to take responsibility and fight against the centralized regime. Like DuDu said "Rebellious but no harm"


DuDu Island is the name of our community. DuDuLab will be committed to the operation of the DuDu community. We will hold more diverse online activities in the community, such as E-sports competitions, metaverse concert, metaverse treasure hunts, metaverse exhibition, etc., so that more users can participate in the governance and operation of the community.At the same time, we will also hold offline parties, NFT art exhibitions, Web3 entrepreneurial gatherings for holders, etc. around the world (Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Singapore...). More DAOs have been incubated in the DuDu Island to build DuDuLab's Web3 ecosystem.


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