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What’s GPTs?

OpenAI has introduced GPTs as custom versions of ChatGPT that can be tailored for specific tasks, allowing anyone to create and share their own GPT without coding. These GPTs can be used for various purposes, such as aiding in customer relationship management, financial news and information, tutoring, navigating and summarizing discussions, and biomedical literature text generation and mining.

What’s GPT Store?

The GPT Store is a platform introduced by OpenAI that allows users to create and share their own custom versions of ChatGPT, known as GPTs.

Some people call it “App Store for AI”.

The GPT Store features creations by verified builders and allows GPTs to become searchable, climb leaderboards, and be monetized. Users can earn money based on how many people are using their GPTs. The GPT Store is designed to be a platform for distributing and promoting GPTs, similar to the App Store model, and it aims to encourage community participation in creating useful and delightful GPTs for categories like productivity, education, and “just for fun”.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that we are not the official OpenAI store. We help users find useful GPTs and creators share their GPTs.