Up until this point we’ve been talking about creating your own Discord bot by writing code and setting up a development environment.

What if I were to tell you that you can create your very own bot without any code. That’s right, zero programming required.

Disclaimer: Even though these methods require no code to get started, which is a big plus, they are also very limited. You’ll have trouble creating complicated bots as you’ll be limited by the bot creation software itself. Keep in mind that these tools will work great for small, simple bots, but when you start to get into more complex tasks, they likely won’t cut it.

Even though the list is a little short as of right now (there aren’t many tools like this that are actually working and decent), we’ll continue updating this list as new “no code required” alternatives make their way to the web.

If you have any suggestions or know of an awesome new tool that you’ve recently found, leave a comment below!

Discord Bot Maker

When it comes to creating Discord bots without any code, this is the closest we can get to a decent solution. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done for relatively simple bots.

Discord Bot Maker is an application available on Steam that lets you create a bot right from within its user interface.

Discord Bot Maker on Steam

If you’re a complete beginner to JavaScript, this is important:

Even though this gets you pretty close to “no code”, it still requires a little bit of programming knowledge in JavaScript, or at least the persistence to figure things out.

If you really want to avoid code like the plague, you might find it a bit difficult to use.

There is good news, though. Discord Bot Maker has a fairly well built-out documentation library where you can find help/answers/suggestions.

There’s also a forum and Discord server where you can ask questions and get answers if you find yourself stuck.

Looking to the Future: “No Code” Bot Development Tools to Come

You might have noticed that this list is rather small… but that’s only because we haven’t yet found an “all in one” Discord bot development tool with a drag-and-drop type of builder for creating your own bots. In other words, one that’s truly zero code.

But not all hope is lost. It’s highly likely someone will develop another amazing bot creation tool for Discord further down the line.

What you should do next

You have several options here. Either go with a third-party application like Discord Bot Maker or start learning a little bit of code so that you can fully create and customize your bot exactly how you want it.

If you want to make something very simple, go with a third-party bot maker. This lets you get out of writing most of the code you’d need for a bot.

If you want to make something more complicated, such as a Discord bot with a handful of features and customization, I’d strongly suggest choosing a programming language and referencing the rest of this guide to start creating a bot with code.

Whatever option you choose, there’s no right or wrong decision.

Pick the path that fits your current situation best, and then make the most of learning/mastering that toolset!

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