Video is rolling out

We’ve rolled out Video Chat and Screen Sharing to 10% of our players at random in order to test bandwidth and quality.

  • Video chat or Screen Share with up to 10 friends (although more than 5 can be on the struggle bus).
  • Picture in Picture so you can have your video chat window float above the app when you navigate away from the call.
  • Learn more and see Graphics Interchange Formats (otherwise known as GIFs) of it here.

Have Discord Nitro? You can test Video and Screen Share during this beta too! Purchasing Nitro will give you access to the feature as well. Give us your money here.

The final launch is at least a month away. We’ll keep you guys updated on our Twitter and of course, a change log when it’s finally ready.

A few other things

  • The default #general channel can now be deleted! Get rid of any embarrassing talk from when you first started your server. Your top-most channel will act as the new default.
  • New members will now be greeted by a new member message when joining a server. This is off by default in old servers and on by default in new servers. Can be turned off in server settings.
  • Discord remembers your last viewed channel on desktop, browser, and iOS. Now you can hop around servers with greater speed and efficiency like that old PS1 game Jumping Flash! I don’t expect anyone to get this reference.
  • Fixed bug where calls would sometimes not ring on the other-side of the call which is great because our ringtone is sweet.

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