If you’re reading this, you are probably a game developer or publisher interested in our Verified Server program!

Not a game developer or publisher? Don’t worry — Verified Servers allow you to see which servers are officially verified and being run by your fave game developer or publisher.

Edit: 2.1.2018, 6:28 PM PST — We’re now accepting music artists and labels into our Verified Server program!

What is a Verified Server?

We’ve heard from players and game developers alike that they would love to easily indicate where to get official news, support, or dialogue for their favorite game on Discord — so we built a way for players to see which servers are verified by Discord and the developers themselves.

Super-fans know they are in the right place by spotting the checkbox in the game server profile.

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Official Minecraft Discord

For you game developers, Verified Servers receive a few perks to help promote your server including VIP voice servers and custom branding for your discord.gg link and welcome splash page.

So, the next logical question is: how do I apply? First, make sure you meet the criteria below:

  • Your server is owned and managed by a game publisher and/or developer
  • You are prepared to implement our server requirements
  • You are committed to follow our community guidelines and ToS

If that all sounds peachy, hop on over to the site to read more and apply for a Verified Server here.

I’ve been accepted, any tips?

Now that you’re officially verified, the next great challenge is: how can you spread all the hype and good news to the ends of the earth, and let all your fans know where to find your officially official Discord server?

There are many different paths that game publishers and developers take to rise up to the challenge — from sharing their invites on various social platforms, showcasing their server in-game, or even just directly plugging a link on their own official websites. We think it makes sense to promote it everywhere you believe your community goes to learn about your game or communicate with your team.

Take a look at our branding guidelines for assets you’ll need to get the job done and consider stylizing your custom splash page to match any of your player destinations to create a consistent experience when navigating from your properties to your now totally official VERIFIED DISCORD SERVER!! Here are some examples below.

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YouTube: We mocked up Pocket Watch to show what it might look like in YouTube. They also wrote an excellent guest post on community for game devs if interested in learning more.

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Twitter: Simple pinned tweet gets you instant promo, and will look even slicker with that custom discord.gg link.

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Website: Now being a little selfish we think Discord should be in a different spot here (cough, FIRST, cough…) but the blurple really does pop don’t it?

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In game: Adding Discord directly to game menus is one of the best ways to get the word out to all your players.

And that’s the scoop! If you want to stay in touch on all the latest Discord tools and tips for game creators, sign up for our handy-dandy newsletter here!

Now go forth and have fun with your community!…..(∩✧ᗜ✧)⊃━☆゚.*

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