When I started streaming on twitch a little over three years ago, I also created a discord server, at the same time and the discord servers name was the flock and it was for my twitch community. Well I had no idea back then but that server would grow to over 12,000 members and managing a server of 12,000 or of any size for that matter has its challenges but one of the things that makes managing a discord server much easier our discord BOTS and so in.

Today’s video I’m going to be going over the top five Discord BOTS, that you need in your discord server, that can not only help you out and make things a little bit easier, but also make your Discord a lot more professional and take it to the next level.

Now before we take a look at the top five BOTS you need in your discord server, I do want to let you guys know like I mentioned a minute ago – I am a life streamer on twitch at twitch.tv Eagle Garrett. I would love to see you over there come join drop a follow and if you got any questions, feel free to ask in the chat or just come hang out with us we’d love to talk with you also we’re gonna be taking a look at my discord channel called “the Flock”, if you would like to join our community on discord there’s a link for all this stuff down in the description of this video, so join us on discord we’d love to have you and and then of course all my social media and all the bots that we’re talking about it’s all link down in the description.

Let’s jump in to the top five Discord bots that you need for discord. Starting with number five is Server-Stats bot now this is server stats bot. and you may be looking at this page thinking man, that is pretty bear and it is because the Server stats bot has a very specific purpose in fact if you go to the setup you’ll see, that there’s only four steps in order to set this thing up with your channel so once you. add this on to your your discord server, this is what it’s going to do for you we’ll bring up our discord and up here in the top left hand corner boom server stats it literally just gives you the numbers, of how many members you have inyour discord, or like in our case we show how many bots we have total, how many people are real people the total members, and then even boosters as a separate category. so if we have people that want to boost this discord server and support it they will they’re no they’ll go up over here and then they will also show up we’ve got a set to where they’ll show up over here on the right-hand side, but this is really really cool and really handy because it’s a simple bot but it allows you to track the progress of your discord server without having to come over here to the right side and try to calculate. okay I’ve got this many people under currently streaming I have this many mods I got to scroll down and see okay, we got this many subs that after a while especially after your discord server grows that will become very very tedious and so server stats will literally just show you exactly how many people are here if you don’t want these others then you can literally just have total members or you can have just people whatever you want it to be you can also rename this stuff but I love this I think it’s really awesome it’s a good way to track your community growth but it’s also just a handy thing to kind of let people know how your server is doing how the community is doing as a whole so server stats is my number 5 recommendation starting at number 5 and

I really recommend you guys check it out add it to your server it’s gonna be a good thing in a long run and I think you’ll really enjoy it and with that we move on to the number 4 bot that you need in your discord server and that bot is mee 6

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