So you want to make a Discord bot in 15 minutes or less. I don’t blame you, this is the dream isn’t it? Having a super easy to set up Discord bot up and running in under half an hour!

I’m going to tell you straight up, this is very possible to do, but it won’t be a very stable setup.

If you’re looking to make a Discord bot that hundreds of users on your server are going to be interacting with as soon as it goes up… this method might lead to some stability issues. If this is your situation, the hosting part of this guide shows you how to get your bot stable and up 24/7 (it’s very inexpensive, too).

But if all you want to do is test out some bot code and start sending simple commands to a relatively basic bot, then this method should work great!

We’re going to create a simple “ping pong” bot in JavaScript / Node.js and “host” it on glitch, which is a completely free platform.

Follow this guide to a tee and you’ll have a working bot in as little as 15 minutes!

Getting the Code Ready

Since we’re going to be using node.js and JavaScript, you’ll want to make sure you have the code you’ll want to use for your bot ready to go.

In case you don’t, that’s perfectly okay too!

We’ll show you a great guide that we’ll be following along with that includes some basic “ping pong” bot code and lets you get all set up for free in glitch in a matter of minutes.

Creating a Bot Application and Getting Your Token

Before you can have your bot joining your Discord server and starting to interact with users, you’ll have to generate a discord bot token before doing anything else.

Here is a detailed (illustrated) guide to generating your Discord bot token that we recommend you follow step by step.

Generating a token involves creating a bot application on the Discord developers website and then clicking the “reveal token” link once your bot is configured.

After you have your token, you’ll go through a few easy steps to get an “invitation link” for your bot. Whenever you or anyone else clicks this link, it’ll invite your bot into the server of choice.

And that’s all there is to it. Go through the token generation guide and then meet me back here for the next step: setting your bot up in glitch.

Setting up Glitch and Running Your Bot

Now we get to the heart of the matter — actually setting up our hosting environment on glitch.

This method doesn’t require you to install anything on your own computer or configure anything super complicated, which is why we love it. It’s quick and simple, but as we mentioned earlier, not reliable for long-term hosting (you’ll want to use a VPS for that).

Follow along with this in-depth guide to start setting up your hosting on

As you follow along, you’ll be guided through the process of getting your code up and running.

The great thing about this guide is, there’s a lot of small nuances to glitch (like timing out issues / intervals when your bot restarts) that are all covered in detail along with their solutions.

These are small things, but if you overlook them, you’ll be in a world of trouble with keeping your bot up and actually running for longer than a few minutes.

Fast, Easy Discord Bot? Check.

And… you’re all finished! If it took you a little longer than 15 minutes, don’t sweat it. The next time it’s going to be an absolute breeze.

It might take a little bit of time to get familiar with Glitch and getting all of your code sorted out, but this is one of the easiest methods for setting up a bot quickly and easily.

It’s definitely much quicker than trying to set up node.js on your own computer for the first time.

All that’s left for you to do is give yourself a pat on the back and continue your Discord bot making journey.

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