Rich Presence Is Here

Detailed game stats and integrations are officially here! Game devs can now integrate their game with Discord to do things like:

  • Detailed game stats in your profile (like match duration, chosen character, and more).
  • Allow grouping and partying up from within Discord
  • Sending game invites within Discord
  • Spectate invites from within Discord

If you’re a developer interested in Discord’s Rich Presence for your game, click here to learn more.

If you’re a player wanting to know more, check out our help article


  • It’s persimmon season! Roles and Users can now manage categories.
  • I’ve been told “persimmons” are a fruit and “permissions” is the correct word. I will research this and report back.
  • Brace yourselves and hold onto your freaking chair because our Desktop and iOS app should load about 1 second faster.
  • Our gateways now compress the crap out of our data. This is most impactful for mobile — you’ll use waaaay less data on your phone.
  • Added Facebook to friend sync options so you can find more gamer friends to gamer with.
  • You can now direct call people as long as you share a server with them. It won’t ring if you’re not friends though.
  • iPhone X support is.
  • Discord automatically logs you into the desktop app if you’re already logged into our web app when you download the desktop app which is very seamless unlike this run on sentence.


  • Selecting a group DM of one member no longer confuses Discord and crashes the client.
  • Closing a DM now stops any incoming calls from that DM for when you need to metaphorically ‘slam the telephone’ on the receiver which is, I’m guessing, a foreign concept to anyone under the age of 20.
  • You can now select the current date in the search filter. Now is today which exists so it’s there.
  • We put on a scary mask to make stubborn yet easily spooked unread indicators on empty channels go away.
  • We made the gravitational constant larger so that message history will not randomly jump around when returning to channels.
  • You can now mute yourself in the overlay again because you need to shut up.
  • Tableflip verification now properly shows a ten minute timer for new members instead of lying to you.
  • E-Mail notifications for missed messages are now sending instead of not sending because we broke it and didn’t realize for months #engineeringproblems
  • Unsmushed the avatar shape in the audit log user filter.

Hey, Listen!

  • Want to support Discord’s development? Get Discord Nitro and unlock bonus features for your account.
  • Turns out, persimmons are a fruit.

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