On Monday, we launched our annual Pride fundraiser. So far, we’ve raised over $66,000 for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund thanks to everyone’s help! We’re keeping donations up through the end of the month, and every little bit counts. If you’d like to contribute, hop on over to the donation page.

Everyone knows Pride Month is better when you have people to celebrate with. Today, we’re opening the floor to a few of our Partnered Community servers. These servers include the Gay Geeks, Spectrum, Gaymers, and Gayozera communities in the Discord Partner Program.

We encourage you to check ’em out and show your support! Who knows, you may even meet some new friends along the way. 💖

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Gay Geeks is an all-inclusive environment about your hobbies, gaming, or just discussing your favorite geeky fandom. Gay Geeks was first established in 2010 before starting a Discord in 2017.

Trophias, the server owner, shares some backstory: “We have had a Facebook community for just about 10 years (decade birthday in December hype!) and we wanted to embrace and get closer to our community even more. We decided, ‘Hey, we should upgrade our community and get a live chat!’ Almost three years later, it’s been a major success and we’re all loving it.”

We may be large, but we do our very best to ensure everyone is taken care of. Take a peek at the #welcome-new-members & #rules channels, then type out a short introduction about yourself in our #getting-started channel!

Gay Geeks will be hosting a handful of gaming events, giveaways and Server Video group calls so server members can get to know the moderation staff better.

Gay Geeks is joinable at discord.gg/gaygeeks.

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Founded in 2017, Spectrum is the official partnered server of r/LGBT and is a queer only server aimed at providing a community for queer people to meet others like them, as well as a place for young, questioning users to discover their own identities.

“In 2017 I watched police shoot and kill a friend of mine, who also happened to be the only other non-binary person I’d ever met at that point.” August Grey, owner of the Spectrum server, was new to the Atlanta area at the time. In an instant, one of the few people they could connect with in the world was gone.

I decided to go online and create Spectrum, both as a Discord for r/LGBT and as a space for me to find my own community and place in the world. Three years later, I’ve found quite an amazing one. We’ve had users get married, have kids, meet their best friends, and just truly become who they were meant to be in Spectrum.

During Pride month, Spectrum will be featuring different queer identities and providing information about them, along with dedicated channels to share their experiences. Spectrum will also be running an “Inktober-style” art contest with different themes each day and invites users to get creative.

You can join the Spectrum server at discord.gg/lgbtq.

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Gaymers is one of the longest-running LGBTQ+ servers on Discord, starting back all the way in December 2015. ThomasShaped explains, “It started as a gaming community but has grown into much more than that, providing a safe and fun place for LGBTQ+ people of all ages to hang out and chat.”

“As I was coming to terms with my identity, I was looking for a space where I could meet, chat, and play games with other LGBTQ+ people. I couldn’t quite find a community where I felt I fit.” Brandon, the original owner of the Gaymers server, came up with a simple but effective solution to this conundrum: starting a new server. After almost 5 years and nearly 10,000 members later, we say it worked out pretty well.

The Gaymers community plans to hold celebratory giveaways, movie nights, and even running a live drag show within their server. Gaymers will also be opening a #moment-of-pride channel, sharing posts about important moments from LGBTQ+ history. Share your own stories of when you’ve felt empowered, included, or prideful in yourself or as part of the community.

Head on over to discord.gg/gaymers join their Discord community.

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First launched in 2016, Gayorzea is a community for Final Fantasy XIV’s LGBTQ players. “It is a welcoming & friendly safe space for LGBTQ gamers and allies. We provide a means by which players can connect with, reach out to and play with like-minded individuals,” explains Discord Partner Lethys.

“As we’re primarily targeted at a specific player base, we are able to foster relationships and support pocket communities such as guilds, streamers, artists, and others by giving them visibility to an audience that is more likely to share their interests. We feel that many online gaming environments can be dominated by cisgender men and so it’s also nice for LGBTQ women, queer and transgender individuals to have a private space to reach out to each other and hang out.”

For Pride, Gayorzea runs one of FFXIV’s biggest gatherings for LGBTQ gamers. “We hang out, we chat, we make our characters look FABULOUS, and have a laugh, we march a little and take screenshots for memories!” If you’re looking to recreate a parade while stuck inside, maybe it’s time to hop into FFXIV.

Visit one of the biggest LGBTQ Final Fantasy XIV communities over at discord.gg/gayorzea.

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