It’s time for another Community Spotlight: a showcase of some of the best and most unique servers on Discord. This series is all about putting the spotlight on communities that are up to something different, special, or just plain cool.

This time we’re telling the world about the “Fantasy Football Chat” Partnered Discord community at Whether you’re looking for fantasy football resources, advice from fellow players, or all-new leagues to join, Fantasy Football Chat is ready to bring you into the (fantasy) huddle.

The Perfect Fit for Fantasy Football First-Timers

Server owner SpaceGhostForce (or Zach if you know him personally) used to be a moderator for the r/FantasyFootball community. The mod team mailbox would overflow with messages asking when the subreddit would finally get its own Discord server. Zach knew Discord would give them a great place to hold continuous discussions, so he took it on himself to start one up for the community.

In two short years, Zach grew the Fantasy Football Chat to nearly 7,000 members. At the time of writing, the server maintains 52 server boosts, and just recently, the FFC community was accepted into the Discord Partner Program.

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Live trade discussions between community members happen daily.

Zach says the hardest part wasn’t just maintaining their established community, but expanding and improving their fantasy football experiences over time. The server’s scope has expanded to include regular community events, AMAs, and numerous contests, sponsored directly by external fantasy sports industry icons.

It’s because of all these features that Zach recommends reading the rules before diving right into a chat. That’s good advice wherever you go on Discord, but the FFC takes orienting new members especially seriously.

“Take a moment to get a bead on the culture in the server,” Zach advises. “We use ranks and corresponding colors to track who’s been active. This is effective in helping our older users recognize when new individuals join the server, and pointing them to the right channels or answering questions.”

Resources for Days

Fantasy Football can be pretty daunting to get into. After checking out the server’s general Information channels for necessary info, such as rules and server announcements, you can hop into the Chats category to introduce yourself and get your feet wet in the hobby. Once you’re ready to head into the real discussions and debates, the Head Coach category has 13 channels for team-specific discussions.

Focused Discussion is the home for theory crafting and fantasy football strategies, plus an advanced analytic chat for the most in-depth discussions. For those who just want to read up on what’s happening, the all-important Resource Center category has 14 different channels for reputable expert newsfeeds and resources, along with specific channels for their sponsors and affiliates.

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Nearly 50 news, statistics, and draft platform sites for members to utilize.

Fantasy Football Chat helps reach out to new users with its own YouTubeTwitter, and even a podcast feed for the community. Bringing a taste of their Discord’s community experience into the outside world helps spread the word of the server further than just word of mouth can manage.

There’s Always Something Going On

Twice a week, the Fantasy Football Chat server holds live AMA sessions with industry professionals and fantasy football community leaders such as Andy Holloway, co-host of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast, and Doug Moore, writer for Gridiron Experts and PFN365.

The truly competitive can sign up for community tournaments, with an entire Discord Tournament section allowing members to compete and see who ends with the best roster this season.

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A live AMA for community members to ask questions to the experts.

For those who miss the live events, the previously-mentioned YouTubeTwitter, and podcast feed provide a way to enjoy the Q&A session while doing other stuff, like watching a live NFL game and hoping nothing happens to your star player. Future AMAs planned in the Fantasy Football Chat include staff from 4for4, FantasyPros, and The Undroppables.

Whether you have a passing interest in fantasy football or you’re already a hardcore enthusiast, Fantasy Football Chat is a thriving community that’ll welcome you with open arms. The community covers so much ground and offers so many features that it’s bound to become a daily part of your fantasy season.

Now, who at the Discord office can we get to start our own league…

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