Coming up with bot ideas can be tough! But it doesn’t have to be…

In this section, we’re going to go over how you can generate hundreds of practical, interesting, and exciting bot ideas on demand!

We’ll walk through a few brainstorming and idea generation steps, and then go through the most common types of bots you can create for Discord to give you some initial inspiration.

Sometimes… Ideas don’t come easy

I’ve always found that when I actively try to think really hard and come up with some ideas of what bot to make, it seems almost like my thoughts get “blocked” and the creativity doesn’t flow…

It’s kind of like writers block.

But when you really let yourself loose, let your mind wander, and start getting inspiration from things around you, then the thoughts flow freely and you get overwhelmed with ideas.

There are times we get more ideas than others, like when walking outside in nature or taking a relaxing shower. I’m sure you’ve had a great idea pop into your head in one of these situations… I sure have.

The key is to use these moments of creativity to their fullest and write down our ideas as soon as we get them. That way we don’t forget and start creating an “idea list” that we can come back to later.

Anyways, let’s start with some “idea generation” exercises to get your thoughts flowing.

Bot Idea Generation Exercises

The first exercise we’re going to do for coming up with bot ideas is to list out at least 20 items you think could potentially become a bot.

There is absolutely no filter at this stage — your ideas should basically be a complete brain dump of ideas. Don’t hold anything back.

For some inspiration, you’re going to want to come up with ideas that are:

What you wish your server had (that’s currently missing)

What you saw on other servers (that caught your attention)

Your activities, hobbies, or interest (such as game titles, hobbies, and the like that don’t have any bots associated with them)

Discord Bot Idea Generation (WriteBots)

After you have a list of 20+ ideas, we’re going to go through and filter them by their “viability”.

We do this by placing them into the square that most closely matches the following two filters we’ll be using:

The first filter is your interest. Is this something interesting to you? Does it get you excited? Would you really go all in to make a bot around this idea?

The second filter is demand. Based on searching around, checking other servers, looking at what’s currently active, and keeping up with trends, is this bot idea something that’s popular and that people are actively searching for?

Discord Bot Creation Matrix (WriteBots)

Draw out this diagram on a piece of paper and start putting your ideas into each square based on how they pan out.

Once you have them all organized, then you’ll have a much easier time making a decision about which bots to go after first.

The ideal situation is the upper right square – “The Dream Bot”.

These are all ideas that you’re super interested in and they have a huge amount of people currently active and looking around for it.

The next square you should take a look at is the bottom right – “Embrace the Grind”.

These are all bot ideas that you don’t find interesting, but they do have a lot of people actively searching for these things and need bots like this.

It’ll be a real grind to make since it’s not of interest to you personally, but if it’s something you’re willing to grind through — it’ll be well worth it!

The two left squares, “Great Idea Low Potential” and “Don’t Bother” are the ones that I personally wouldn’t recommend going after.

If you’re truly passionate about a certain bot idea and want to make it no matter who uses it (the upper left square), then I’d say go for it. Just know that your bot likely won’t be picked up by a large number of users.

And this is how I generate ideas for bots. You do a brain dump of everything you’ve seen and all of the possibilities you think you can create, and then you filter them down by their viability.

What you have in the end is a clean, filtered-down list of ideas that have true potential.

As you start coding your next bot, these are the ideas you’ll want to go after.

Types of Bots You Can Create

We just went through an awesome idea generation exercise, but what if you wanted even more inspiration?

Here we’re going to talk about all of the types of Discord bots you can create that have risen in popularity throughout the last several years. We’ll start with the most popular first (music bots), and then go down the list in no particular order.

Music Bot

Discord Music Bots

Music bots are the most popular of them all. These are essentially bots that add music queues and music playing capability into your server.

Everyone wants to make their Discord server more entertaining and engaging to everyone whose active in their community, and having a music bot is just a natural way of making that happen.

It’s an easy way to make your server’s audience more engaged by letting them add music to the queue, choosing which songs they want to play, or even taking one of your playlists and letting it play along.

Music bots are probably the most difficult type of Discord bot to create, but they are well worth it!

Chat Bot

Discord Chat Bots

Chatbots are (typically) very simple Discord bots that send and reply to chat messages. You can have a bot that detects languages other than your server’s native language and automatically translates those messages… or you can have a bot that welcomes everyone who joins your channel.

The possibilities for chatbots are endless, and the amount of logic and “smarts” you put into your own chat bot is entirely up to you!

Economy Bot

Discord Economy Bots

Economy bots are great for any server. They let your users gather and earn “fake” digital currency that they can then use to unlock certain privileges, get rewards, and the list goes on…

The most sophisticated economy bots literally build up a full economy system within your Discord server. You have users who win money through playing games (like blackjack, for example), and can then “purchase” gift packages for themselves.

You can also allow your users to trade amongst themselves or even get a barter system going.

Either way, if you want to really drive up the engagement of a Discord server, implementing an economy bot is a smart move.

Verification Bot

Discord Verification Bots

A verification bot typically has two purposes: (1) To prevent raids and spam and (2) To only allow known and allowed members to interact with your server/channel.

Whenever someone joins your server, all of that server’s channels can be locked out to that user before they respond to a certain message, password, or “captcha”.

If you want a great project idea to build that’ll add some more security and peace of mind to your server, then a verification bot just may be the perfect project!

Moderation Bot

Discord Moderation Bots

We all know about human moderators and how they “police” your server in order to kick, ban, or mute inappropriate users.

Well, a moderation bot does the same thing, just automatically. It can filter by curse words, certain messages sent in the chat, or stop someone from spamming the same chat over and over 1,000 times.

Moderation bots are a great way to make your human moderator’s job easier, and also a great bot project to start out with.

Giveaway Bot

Discord Giveaway Bots

Running giveaways manually can be tough. You have to start the giveaway, monitor everyone who enters your giveaway, and then sort through the huge list of entries to determine the winner(s).

Giveaway bots automate this entire process, and they aren’t too complex to set up either.

A good giveaway bot will prompt you for what your giveaway is called, how many winners there are, and what you’re giving away. You can then choose a certain “reaction” or “entry trigger” for users in your channel.

Whenever they react to the message or respond with a certain word, they’ll be entered in your giveaway.

After a certain amount of time, the bot automatically chooses winner(s) at random — and everyone’s happy!

If you want a fun project for your next Discord bot, creating a giveaway/contest bot may be a lot of fun.

Meme Bot

Discord Meme Bots

Ah, meme bots. These are purely for entertainment value, and for engaging all of the users in your Discord server.

There are thousands of meme bots out there, but what ties them all together is a central theme (like Miki Bot for example).

You can have “funny meme bots” or “anime meme bots”, etc. As long as you tie your bot to an entertaining and funny theme with memes involved, you’ll have a good chance of it taking off.

Meme bots typically have either “hardcoded” memes (they don’t change), or they pull memes/images from certain image databases by certain keywords or random searches.

However you choose to do it, making a meme bot is a great idea to build up engagement and start building a better Discord community for your server.

Dice Bot

Discord Dice Bots

Dice bots are very popular, and also very simple. These can be used for users battling it out and rolling for a certain item or privilege… or it can even be used for RPGs like DnD on your Discord server.

Whatever the case may be, dice bots typically have the flexibility of specifying either a maximum number you want to roll up to (i.e. !roll 100 – gives you a random number between 1 and 100), or actually specifying the number of dice and sides per die (i.e. !roll 2d6 – will roll two dice with 6 sides each).

You can get creative with how you develop your dice bot if you choose to go this route, but remember that it’s a relatively easy project that could be perfect for getting your hands on Discord bot development.

Getting even more inspiration and checking which Discord bots already exist

We’ve gone through how to make your own Discord bots and the most popular types of bots out there, but what if you wanted even more inspiration and a huge list of all the bots that exist on the internet today?

Well, I’d recommend taking a look at for this purpose. They have lists of the most popular Discord bots available to date, and a nice search engine that allows you to find the exact type of bot you’re looking for.

Who knows, once you develop your own bot, it might end up on one of these top lists itself!

In any case, feel free to browse around on that website or the many other bot directory sites out there on the web.

On top of that, don’t forget to search around on for Discord bots written in your favorite language. These are all open-source bots that you can open up, look behind the scenes at, and see exactly what they did to make it all work. 

I guarantee you’ll find even more inspiration if you do these two things consistently, and be on your way to making the “next big thing” in the land of Discord.

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