Light theme has been renovated! We heard your feedback loud and clear. Sleek, stylish, and more accessible, we gave light theme a home-improvement overhaul and massively increased our property value.

  • Increased some smaller font sizes, thickened some font weights, upped contrast levels of most text and icons, and dusted all those hard-to-reach corners.
  • Repainted the out-of-place dark sidebar because dark is not light.
  • Redesigned some context menus like the status selector and server drop-down menu for consistency and polish. All door knobs and hardware match.
  • Redesigned DMs, the members list, and the channel list so everything is cohesive like a nice, well-thought out bonsai garden.
  • Dark theme users, have no fear. All accessibility and consistency changes were applied to your sweet, swarthy friend. Discord is now one big, beautiful neighborhood.

We rolled out Go Live to… 100% of you! Everyone can now launch a game, click a button, and start streaming to their friends. Hang out in your new house with your friends.

We also improved video resolution. Screen share and Go Live now dynamically adapt to your internet connection so we can send nice frames even if your internet wobbles. What’s a new house without a solid foundation?


  • Interested in the nitty gritty of the light theme remodel? We wrote a blog post detailing the construction work. Pull up a chair, grab a burger, and see what light theme (embarrassingly) looked like before. Learn what went into making sure light theme wasn’t the family disappointment anymore.
  • Like seeing cool stuff added to Discord? Come work for us as a full-stack engineer and help construct an even better house.
  • Go back to school with HypeSquad. Run a server for your university or school club? Join HypeSquad Events Upgrade your server with a snazzy custom URL, plus get a massive box of free shirts and swag every quarter!
  • A toast to you all! We couldn’t have revamped light theme without feedback from the Discord community. If you have an idea to make Discord a better place, submit your feedback here!

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