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Yura Bot | Kai#6661.

Yura has been created in 2020 by Kai#6661 (Was another bot before that).
It’s a bot ported from Red.
She can do alot of things, you can build your own community server based on her only.

Alot of commands to serve you the best.
All of them can be accessed by typing .help (Can be changed by typing .set serverprefix)

Features :
♦ Moderation
♦ Music
♦ Rig (Show them your PC hardwares)
♦ Ticket System (Interactive with reactions)
♦ Dungeon (AntiRaid System)
♦ Temporary rooms (VoiceChats)
♦ Reminder
♦ Minigames
♦ Catch pokémons
♦ Trivia
♦ Adventure
♦ Many more!

New features, updates and fixes are the main points.
Fastest support possible, I’ll be more than glad to hear your suggestions or to help you out.

Hosted on a powerful machine, Yura will always be available except for main maintenance.
No premium features on the bot, all of that for FREE, don’t wait no more and add Yura !

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Last Update:October 11, 2020
Released:October 11, 2020