Yunite Discord Bot


A custom game matchmaking, verification and snipes bot for Fortnite with additional multi-purpose features


Yunite offers the following features:

Fortnite Registration

Yunite is able of connecting your clients to their Fortnite accounts. Yunite employments an progressed confirmation framework that works with the Fortnite companions frameworkHence, it can not be circumvented but on the off chance that an aggressor knows another clients Epic Games accreditationsYou’ll give parts based on an clients stage or his season stats and let Yunite alter the monikers of your clients to their ingame names. Yunite also underpins stats questioning, so you’lldrop other stats bots and let clients inquiry their stats by means of Yunite.

Fortnite Custom Game Matchmaking

Has of custom recreations know the battle of conveying custom recreations keys to the proper individuals at the correct time. More often than not, they need to battle key leakers etc. Yunite tackles this by entering the code to your players through an ingame bot – they never see the code, and can’t share it to uneligible clients.

Fortnite Snipes

Yunite offers a voice-channel based kill framework for Fortnite. Clients meet in a voice channel, Yunite plays a voice & content commencement, and clients prepared up on zero. Yunite bolsters manual facilitating as well as mechanizednormal facilitating, and you’ll be able permit a particular have part to have kills by means of the webinterface. Yunite moreover consequently identifies the final 3 of the members diversion IDs in the event that they have Yunite in their Fortnite friendlist, so they do not have to be enter their final 3 themselves. Of course, the final 3 digits can still be entered physically for those who like that way better. We moreover have an alpha-staged result following running.

Advanced Community Support System

ACSS could be a ticket-based, mod-mail like framework, but much way better than conventional modmail bots out there. Tickets are dealt with essentially DM-based, and not by making channels for each ticket, making the framework more versatile on greater servers. It incorporates flawless highlights like ticket categories, customizable questions individuals get inquired when making a modern ticket, staff activities (e.g. to boycott somebody fair by the tap of a button underneath a ticket) and so on.

Role Combiner

Give parts to or expel parts from individuals based on other parts they have or do not have, or based on properties of their scratch– or usernames. This permits to illuminate necessities where you need to confine get to to a channel based on two or more parts, which Discord does not back out of the box.

Scheduled Permissions

Yunite is competent of overhauling consent abrogates of any channel at a particular point in time, routinelyThis can be for illustration valuable on the off chance that you need to implement opnening-times for a channel, e.g. to shut a back channel overnight when staff is resting.

Advanced Commands.  Yunite Commands Prefix: ! / + (not fixed)

Set up commands that react to messages of your community. You’ll be able either use a straightforward conjuring like !information otherwise you can utilize standard expressions to coordinate messages. The module is prepared with cooldowns and channel / part dark– and whitelisting.

Rank System

Yunite is prepared with a subsystem that tracks movement on your Discord server. Clients will win focuses and pick up levels in the event that they effectively take an interest in your chat. You’ll allow clients parts based on these levels or based on how numerous days have passed since they joined the server.

Getting started

Yunite is very flexible and offers a huge bunch of configuration options.

To get started, first invite Yunite, then go to the web dashboard at ! Yunite can not be used without prior configuration there.


–> After you logged in, please select your server in the list on the left side. A new menu will be displayed, and you can visit all settings pages. PLEASE GO TO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO USE YUNITE and join our support server for any questions – we’re happy to assist you.

We hope you enjoy using Yunite.



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