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tip.cc Discord Bot


tip.cc Commands Prefix: $


Send cryptocurrency tips to anyone on Discord

tip.cc aims to make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send coins to users who don’t even have a wallet!

  • no minimums and no fees on tips
  • tip multiple users at the same time with no transaction fees
  • make airdrops, rains and other community-engaging activites

tip.cc’s unique features

Fun and games

Engage with your users or friends in games like airdrops, rains or coin flips.

Multiple cryptocurrencies supported

tip.cc gives you one wallet to use with over 90 cryptocurrencies.

Trader’s and miner’s tools

tip.cc provides plenty of tools for traders, miners and cryptocurrency lovers in general.

Free to use

Tips and airdrops are completely free of fees! Transfer coins to other users without worrying about network fees.

Easy to use

We made crypto payments simple for even non crypto-savvy people.

Instant deposit & withdrawals

We give you a native wallet-like experience with instant deposits and withdrawals. You can even use tip.cc as your regular wallet!

Simple, intuitive commands

tip.cc has a single, extensible command for tipping, soaking and raining on users. See our tipping tutorial to see how to use tip.cc’s maximum potential.



Tipping and pretty much all other interactions with the bot are done via¬†chat commands. They’re simply messages prefixed with, by default,¬†$.

Although the tip command is as basic as¬†$tip @user amount, it’s flexible and replaces commands known as¬†rains, soaks or sprinkles¬†of other bots. This guide will help you unleash its full potential.

Tip recipients

Not only you can target a single user, but also whole groups of people ‚Äď whether by comma-separating them, mentioning a role (on Discord) or a group (on Telegram), or using special keywords.

SyntaxWho it targetsPlatforms
@userTargets a single mentioned user.Discord, Telegram
@roleTargets a Discord role.Discord
@here/@everyoneTargets everyone online on your current Discord channel.Discord
voiceTips everyone on your Discord voice channel.Discord
speakingTips everyone active (not muted/deafened) on your Discord voice channel.Discord
streamerTips the current Go Live streamer on your Discord voice channel.Discord

When tipping a group of users (raining), you can use modifiers to select precisely which users you want to target, based on their activity, online status, etc., by using modifiers.

SyntaxWho it targetsPlatforms
allChoose users regardless their online status. By default, when raining, only online users are selected.Discord, Telegram
online/offlineChoose users based on their online status.Discord, Telegram
a numberLimit the rain to this number of people. This has an upper limit set by the chat admin, and by default it’s 40.Discord, Telegram
activeChooses users based on their recent activity on the current channel. Specify precise limits by using, for example,¬†active last 100 messages¬†or¬†active last 5 hours. Note that the bot only remembers a channel’s last 500 messages. Add the¬†all¬†modifier before to also target users who were active but are logged off.Discord, Telegram
boostingTips recent Discord Nitro server boosters. Specify precise time limits by using, for example, boosting last 1 day or boosting since last 1 hour.Discord
randomPicks a random person or a number of people.Discord, Telegram

You can combine modifiers together, for example:

  • all @Developers¬†to tip all members of the Developers role, regardless of their online status;
  • 5 random members¬†to tip 5 random online members;
  • all @VIPs active last 5 hours¬†to tip VIPs who’ve spoken on the channel within the last 5 hours, regardless of their online status;
  • all¬†to tip everyone on the channel, online and offline.

By default, when tipping a group of people, your tip will be split evenly between them. You can add the each keyword after your tip amount if you want your specified amount to be tipped to each instead of being split.


There are 3 basic types of amounts you can use for tipping:

  • coins,
  • fiat,
  • monikers.


Amount will be tipped in the native currency without any conversions. Example coin values: 0.1 btc, 100 satoshi, 5k doge, 5 monero.


The tip amount will be converted to the default or selected currency using current exchange rates. Example fiat values:¬†$1.50¬†(will use chat’s default cryptocurrency),¬†$5 eth¬†(for $5 worth of Ether),¬†5 cents,¬†100 eur.


Monikers are custom arbitrary values like¬†donuts¬†or¬†slices of pizza. When fiat monikers are used, the amount will be converted to chat’s default cryptocurrency. See¬†$monikers¬†for a full list of monikers available on the chat you’re on.¬†Monikers are usually not available for airdrops or games.

Example monikers include:

cup of coffee$1.50


Airdrops are a way to reward active users on your chat. Anyone can start an airdrop or leave a red envelope full of coins for any user to collect. The creator gets to decide for how long it can be collected, and how many users can collect it.

Starting airdrops

To start an airdrop, use the $airdrop command, followed by the amount you want to drop (coin and fiat amount types are supported), and optionally the time limit (preferrably in a simplified format like 30m for 30 minutes or 3d for 3 days; up to 14 days), and user limit. For example, $airdrop $1 30m 10 will create an airdrop of $1 total, for up to 30 minutes or up to 10 users (after which the airdrop will end). The reward will get split between participating users evenly.

Collecting airdrops

On Discord, you can collect airdrops created by other users by using the ūüéČ reaction on the message. You will receive your reward after the airdrop ends. Keep in mind the airdrop amount is split evenly between all participants.

Simply click the ūüéČ icon under an airdrop to collect it.

Other types of airdrops

On some platforms there are other types of airdrops available. Here’s a couple:

Red envelope

A red envelope is simply an airdrop that can only be collected by one user. Use the $redenvelope command, followed by the amount and time limit (no user limit Рit defaults to 1) to leave a red envelope.

Red envelopes are collected with the ūüßß reaction.

Trivia drop

A trivia drop will ask the users a simple, cryptocurrency-related question, and will reward all who answer correctly. Answers are sent as normal messages on the chat. The bot will notify users who answered correctly via a DM and only will disclose the answer after the drop is done.

The bot will ask the users a random question. The answer to this question is¬†10 minutes¬†ūüėČ.

The $triviadrop command uses similar syntax to the $airdrop command, except the maximum time limit is 10 minutes. There currently is no way to add custom questions to the questions database.


Depositing and withdrawing

tip.cc provides you with your own wallet on the platform. Since tip.cc cannot access funds in your private wallet, you need to send them to your tip.cc wallet first in order to use them.


To deposit coins to you tip.cc wallet, simply send the $deposit command followed by the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (e.g. $deposit btc), via a direct message to the bot. For privacy reasons, this command can only be used in DMs.

$deposit eth will return you your Ethereum deposit address.

The bot will respond with your own unique deposit address (along with its QR code), to which you can send coins from your own wallet. Depending on the cryptocurrency you’re using, you might need to wait a little for the network to process the transaction (wait for confirmations), or pay deposit fees (mainly for ERC20 tokens).

Some coins might give you multiple deposit addresses. Not all wallets support all address formats, so use the one you find the most convenient for you.

Once you send the coins to your unique deposit address, you should get a message about incoming deposit.

Deposit fees

Some coins or tokens will charge you a deposit fee from deposits you make. This fee is necessary for all ERC20 tokens and some other coins, and is not dictated by tip.cc. When using $deposit, you will be given the exact or estimated deposit fee.

Estimate of a deposit fee for BAT deposits. These estimates change according to the cryptocurrency’s network conditions.

Memos, destination tags, etc.

Some coin deposits also require the use of a memo, destination tag. When sending coins from your wallets it’s important to include them along the deposit address, otherwise we will not be able to credit your deposits.

Stellar requires the use of a memo.


To send the coins to your private wallet or another service, use the $withdraw command followed by the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw (e.g. $withdraw btc), via a direct message to the bot, and follow through the withdrawal wizard.

Withdrawal fees

Almost all coins and tokens withdrawals have fees. These fees are not dictated by tip.cc, and go entirely to cover network fees of the transaction. You will be given an estimate when withdrawing. Fees might be especially high when the network is under load.


Discord role stores

Buying items

To access a server’s role store, use the¬†$store¬†command. You will be shown all available items and their prices.

A list of items along with the command you need to use to buy the item.

Once you purchase an item, a subscription of the role you’ve purchased will be created or extended. Use¬†$store subscriptions¬†to view your active subscriptions.

List of active subscriptions.

Selling roles on your server

As of now, the store feature only allows selling role subscriptions. To put a role on sale, simply use the $store sell command and follow through the creation process. You will be asked to specify:

  • item name (e.g. “30 days of VIP”),
  • name of the role being sold,
  • subscription duration (minutes, hours, or days),
  • price in fiat or crypto.

After you’re done the item will be automatically listed and available for anyone to buy with the¬†$store buy¬†command.

Information about the listed item along with the commands you need to use to buy, gift or remove the item.

You can also gift the item to anyone, free of charge, with the $store gift command. To remove an item from the store, use $store delete. Both commands should be followed by the generated item identifier.

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Your balance‚Äôs security is as safe as your account is. Use features like two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. In regards to tip.cc‚Äôs security ‚Äď we hold up to industry standards. Your wallet is powered by our tested and proven technology.
Balances are kept across chats and platforms ‚Äď you can access your coins on any chat and also by directly messaging the bot. Keep in mind a different chat might use a different default currency and might have other ones disabled.
Your balance is in cryptocurrency ‚Äď the dollar conversions shown are only a reference. If a cryptocurrency goes up, so will the dollar conversion.
One way to exchange crypto would be to find a user on your chat willing to trade with you. We also recommend quick exchange services like Shapeshift or Changelly, which support most of the cryptocurrencies tip.cc does. We are also working on bringing user-to-user trades to tip.cc, stay tuned!
You cannot - ask your chat administrator to invite the bot. Link them this website!
Use the $tip nomention command to disable pings from tips. You can use it again to re-enable it.
Congratulations, you received cryptocurrency! Cryptocurrency can be sent further, exchanged to real money, or to goods or services. See websites like LocalBitcoins.com or Coinbase. Please keep in mind that if you received a dollar or another fiat tip, its value is bound to the cryptocurrency you received it in, meaning if the cryptocurrency exchange rates go down, the dollar value of your tip will too.


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