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Admin commands

+ban [@member] [reason]  permanent ban member   || Ban Members

+kick [@member] [reason] – kick member   || Kick Members

+mute [@member] [reason] – permanent mute member   || Mute Members

+tempmute [@member] [time in minutes] [reason] – temporary mute member   || Mute Members

+unmute [@member] [reason] – unmute member   || Mute Members

+nickname [@member] [new nickname] – change member nickname   || KIck Members

+clear [number of messages] – clear messages   || Manage Messages

Fun commands

+avatar [@member] – show member avatar   || everyone can use this command

+kiss [@member] – kiss member   || everyone can use this command

+pp – you known   || everyone can use this command

+hug [@member] – hug member   || everyone can use this command

Other Info

WARNING! For mute command create role “Muted” and turn off “Read Messages”.

Created by !Axel Twenty#9892 and awdas#8777

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Last Update:October 11, 2020
Released:October 11, 2020