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Swag Cat Commands Prefix: sc-


Based on the most swagilicious cat in all of humanity, Swag Cat bot will not fail to deliver many cool and fun commands to your server.
Ranging from searching cute animals like penguins and cats to buying and selling stocks or using a slot machine to increase your money with Swag Cat’s economy system, you can check the available commands by using sc-help or sc-commands!
Here is a list of the commands!
(Note: These commands will be shown with the default prefix of sc-)

🎉 Entertainment 🎉

sc-swagChecks the swag of you or another person!
sc-askAsk Swag Cat a question and it shall answer!
sc-fun facts (sc-ff)Swag Cat tells you a fun fact!
sc-partyParty time? Party time!

💬 Interactions 💬


sc-patPat a person of your choosing!
sc-petPet a person of your choosing!
sc-hugHug a person of your choosing!
sc-kissKiss a person of your choosing!
sc-waveWave to a person of your choosing!
sc-brazil (sc-br)Send a person of your choosing to Brazil!
sc-new zealand (sc-nz)Send a person of your choosing to New Zealand!
sc-france (sc-fr)Send a person of your choosing to France!

💎 Swag Economy 💎

sc-economy helpSends command categories for easier bot navigation.
sc-jobs helpSends job/work related commands.
sc-leaderboard helpSends leaderboard related commands.
sc-stock helpSends stock market related commands.
sc-explore helpSends explorable locations.
sc-gambling helpSends gambling related commands.
sc-slots helpSends rewards for slots.
sc-bank helpSends bank related commands!
sc-dailyClaim your daily reward!
sc-workGo to work for gems and EXP!
sc-exploreGo exploring for gems, EXP, and forgables!
sc-mineGo mining for gems, EXP, and metal!
sc-fishGo fishing for gems and EXP!
sc-begGo begging for some gems!
sc-marketCheck the worth of every company!
sc-stocksCheck the stocks that you own!
sc-buy [name] [amount]Buy stocks of a specific company!
sc-sell [name] [amount/all]Sell stocks of a specific company!
sc-diceRoll a dice and if your dice is higher than the dealer’s, you win!
sc-slotsTry your luck with the slot machine!
sc-gamble50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing!
sc-inventoryCheck your inventory for materials, tools, and more!
sc-shopChecks the shop!
sc-buy [item]Buys an item from the shop!

📷 Images 📷

sc-kittySends a picture of a cat!
sc-dogSends a picture of a dog!
sc-chihuahuaSends a picture of a chihuahua!
sc-birdSends a picture of a bird!
sc-birdSends a picture of a bird!
sc-foxSends a picture of a fox!
sc-wolfSends a picture of a wolf!
sc-otterSends a picture of a otter!
sc-penguinSends a picture of a penguin!
sc-monkeySends monkey!
sc-hotdogSends a picture of a hotdog!
sc-YourFriendDogeSends a post from YourFriendDoge!
sc-colorSends a random color and the hex value!
🤖 Bot 🤖
sc-creditsSends the credits for Swag Cat!
sc-inviteSends an invite to add the bot to other servers!
sc-helpSends a list of almost every command!
sc-infoSends the number of servers the bot is in and how many members there are!
sc-avatarSends the profile picture of a person!
sc-newsSends the current news about the bot!
sc-pingShows the bot’s ping!
sc-prefixSet your prefix to whatever you desire!
sc-uptimeShows how long the bot has been up!

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