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Sumarville is your new-best- D&D friend. He joins you on the lovely adventure in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Supporting you with lots of usefull tools. Good luck!

Sumarvile is a D&D bot with tools like a calendar for planning sessions, dice rolls, …

The calendar includes adding, removing and reminding of sessions. It also includes a food poll the day before the session to decide which food to eat (if needed)


Dice rolls

/d4, /d6, /d8, /d10, /d12, /d20, /d100 : roll a Dx

Player / User commands

/DM : Claim or pass the DM role

/ShowPlayer : Show info on a certain (or all) player(s)

/CharacterSheet : Start creating a charactersheet

Calendar commands

/calendar : Show the calendar

/addsession : Add a new session to the calendar

/removesession : Remove a session from the calendar

Lunch commands (commands for deciding what to eat before/after the session)

/addfood : Add a certain type of food to the lunch-list

/food : List all the different types of food on the lunch-list

/removefood : Remove a certain type of food from the lunch-list

NPC message Commands

/AddNPCMessage : Add a npc message (npc messages gets shown on session reminders)

/RemoveNPCMessage : Remove a npc message from the list

/ShowMessages : Show the basic npc messages


/setconfig : Set up the config for Sumarville

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Last Update:October 10, 2020
Released:October 10, 2020