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Shiro Discord Bot


A multi-functional bot that provides in depth modlogs, moderation, fun, welcoming and leaving features towards your server.


Shiro Commands Prefix: x! (Customizable)


Shiro is a multi functional bot that allows you to Moderate with both commands and logging while keeping your community entertained. We offer a large variety of features which include a fully customizable welcome/leaver, logging, Global bans and more!


Server Bot setup

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 x!Server Configure Shiro to your servers needs x!s x!s logging
 x!Prefix Sets the servers prefix x!setPrefix x!Prefix [Prefix]
 Command Usage Aliases Example
 x!Kick Kicks the mentioned user x!K x!Kick @user [Reason]
 x!Ban Bans the mentioned user x!B x!ban @user [Reason]
 x!Unban Unbans a member via thier ID x!unban x!Unban [ID]
 x!mute Mutes the mentioned user for time in minutes x!Mute x!Mute @user [Reason]
 x!Unmute Unmutes the mentioned user x!um x!Unmute @user [Reason]
 x!Role Adds or removes a role to mentioned user eqar x!Role @user [Role Name]
 x!Purge Clears a number of messages from the same channel. ✕ x!purge [number]/[@user] [number]
 x!Hackban Bans a member via thier ID (They don’t need to be in server) x!banid x!Hackban [ID]


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