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Welcome to Server Captcha Bot!

Spambots and targeted raids using automated user accounts are real issues for some servers.
Just in the past few months, I’ve seen servers with more than 10,000 users get raided using these methods.
This bot helps irradicate the fear of your server getting autonomously attacked.

Currently protecting over 35,000 servers with over 5.6 million users!

Since 16th of April 2020
Created over 4.8 million captchas.
Seen over 728 million messages.
Had over 1.3 million commands ran.
Processed over 16 million events

Need help setting up the bot?

Scroll down to the setup instructions, if still having issues with the bot setup,
Join our support server discord.gg/plexidev & ask in the #captcha-bot channel!

Want custom branding? This includes: Independently Hosted (faster), Custom Icon, Custom Bot Username, Custom Prefix, Custom Now Playing Message, Bot Invite URL Ads Removed, Custom Feature Requests, and more!

Currently on sale for $2.99/month for a limited time! Send TrueXPixels#2113 a DM @ discord.gg/plexidev

You can invite the bot for yourself here:
Invite Link

Want to test out the bot before adding it?
Join here: discord.gg/plexidev

There is also a video on this bot, you can check it out here:


Since this bot is highly autonomous, there aren’t that many commands required. Although, here is the full list:

User!verifySends a Captcha to the message sender, gives the configured role when completed
General!helpDisplays a general help message
General!statsDisplays the statistics for the bot
Admin!checklistDisplays a checklist of the required actions to set up the bot
Admin!configDisplay the current configuration for the bot

How does it work?

When a user joins the server, they aren’t able to see any of the main channels. They are also DMed by the main bot, as shown in the corner.
When a user completes the captcha they unlock all avaiable channels.


The user completes the Captcha, and is added to the server. (Captcha Completion)


That’s it! – It’s as simple as that, no interaction needed by administrators of the server.


Follow either Basic Setup Instructions or Detailed Setup Instructions to begin using Server Captcha Bot

Basic Setup Instructions

1: Invite Server Captcha Bot
2: Run !checklist to check what needs to be completed.
3: Run !config to edit and fill in each config field.
4: Edit Each Channels Permissions to denying @everyone to viewing while allowing userRole to viewing.
5: Setup Complete.

Running into issues? Join our Discord and ask for assistance in #captcha-bot channel. Discord Invite

Detailed Setup Instructions

Step OneInvite Server Captcha Bot.

  • Click on Invite Server Captcha Bot and it will open up a Discord OAuth URL.
  • Invite the bot with Manage Roles and Manage Channels permissions.

    Discord OAuth Should look like this:

Step Two – Run !checklist.

On first run of the command it will output something like this:


This simply just notes to you that the server has not been setup.
You will need to set things within the !config such as the verificationChannel and userRole

Step Three – Editing the Config.

By editing the config of Server Captcha Bot it sets up the bot to run automatically for your server.
Below is all the commands, you can also view this menu by typing !config in any channel the bot can view.

!configDisplay the current configuration for the bot
!config verificationChannel [ #channel | none ]Channel which users can run !verify or be mentioned within alerting to turn on DM’s
!config userRole [ roleName | none ]Role which is given once a user is verified on the server
!config logsChannel [ #channel | none ]Channel which the captcha logs are sent to
!config bypassCaptcha [ Yes | No ]Allow any user who has verified with the bot to bypass the captcha
!config prefix [ Prefix ]Change the prefix the bot responds to

To edit any of the config options run a command in your Discord server like noted above in the menu.

For Example, if you wanted to edit the verificationChannel option you would do something like this:

!config verificationChannel #verification

Ensuring that #verification is the channel you want set as the entry channel for new unverified users.

Fill out all !config options to ensure the server is configured right.
To ensure the bot is setup correctly you can run !checklist again.

Step Four – Editing Permissions

Automatic Feature is Currently Disabled
We Apologise for this feature being disabled and plan to bring it back within rewrite.

Manual Method:

Option 1
Within each Category and Channel permissions, you will want to deny @everyone from viewing permissions.
You will also want to grant your userRole with viewing permissions.

Server Captcha Bot only requires viewing, sending and embedding message permissions for verificationChannel and logsChannel if both are enabled.

This needs to happen within all channels and categories you wish the unverified user to not view.

Option 2
Go to Server Settings -> Roles
-> @everyone -> set Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels to Disabled
-> userRole -> set Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels to Enabled

Optional: Go to the channels you want users awaiting to complete captcha to still see and/or do the following:

Go to Channel Permissions
-> @everyone -> set Send Messages and Read Messages to Enabled
-> userRole -> set Send Messages and Read Messages to Disabled

You’re done setup complete!

Captcha Logging

This bot has a feature that allows administrators/staff to view everyone completing the Captcha’s in real-time.
It can be set by using the !config command.

To use this feature, ensure logsChannel within the !config is set to the channel you want to view captchas within.
This channel should be for your server staff only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i get support with setting up the bot?

    You can join our Discord Server and ask questions within #captcha-bot support channel.

  • How do i set the userRole in config?

    Within the Config there is a variable asking for userRole.
    When you are selecting the role, head to Server Settings > Roles > Role you want to set as the “Verified Role” and COPY to your clipboard (ctrl + c) the role name.
    Once you have copied the role name, enter it into the config like so:

!config userRole ROLENAME
To PASTE from your clipboard: (ctrl + v)


  • What if a user has their DMs turned off?

    Since the setup requires you to have a verificationChannel (essentially a waiting room), they are pinged there with an example of how to temporarily turn on their DMs. (image below)


  • What if a user fails the Captcha?

    Users get three attempts at the Captcha until they are told to type !verify into the verification channel, which gives them a new Captcha. (image below)


  • Are the Captcha’s pre-created?

    No, all Captcha’s are unique and generated when the user requests a Captcha. The bot generates hundreds per day, having preset Captcha’s would ruin the security.

  • Are any new features planned?

    Yes, there are a few features that are planned, mostly relating to backend security. Although, it’s better if they weren’t known so the people trying to bypass this system will have a harder time doing so.

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