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Pollux Discord Bot


A fancy maid for fancy communities


Pollux is an all-around cosmetic, collectionist and social bot. Her key features are focused on entertainment.

Some basic yet powerful moderation and community management options are also included for convenience.



Everything in Pollux is plan to feel and see beautiful and charming to utilize and see at. She has seemingly the most excellent alternative of Profile Cards out there. And irrefutably the prettiest minigames.



Profiles allow a part of freedom to precise your fashion whereas still keeping a bound together planYou’ll be able customize a assortment of things such as:

Background Picture Awards Tagline Individual Content Pizazz Outline Complement Color Stickers
Some of these are gotten with our in-bot money: Rubines, clarified underneath.



Pollux contains a basic money framework on its quintessence, but exceptionally complex on its functions.

We prepare over 10 thousand exchanges each day! Over 3 diverse monetary standards. The monetary forms are centralised and cannot be swelled by clients. Pollux allows you to exchange her money with a couple of confirmed bots, giving you an additional source of pay for both.
Our 3 monetary standards have exceptionally particular employments



The most currency, used to purchase everything within the bot from makeup to things. Can be gotten from Lootboxes, Dailies, Trades, and much more! Rubines are not and will not be realistic with genuine cash beneath any circumstances, they’re free for everyone. JadesThe auxiliary “cash“, utilized for the most part for amalgamation and making of things and a few cosmetics.SapphiresThe premium money to purchase stuff easily or some premium items. They are granted to donators, conjointly for complimentary as a compensate for taking an interest in occasions. They are also given to clients who total over 200-daily streak!Lootboxes Pollux has an energizing Overwatch-like Lootbox framework, with a few cool changes just like the capacity to reroll the substance in the event that you do not like it. The taken a toll of rerolling begins truly little, and grows up as you have got more things in your stockIn spite of the fact that, the taken a toll of rerolling will never surpass the retail cost of the foremost costly thing reachable from it.



This one is interesting to Pollux! Worldwide cross-server occasions that can be played either in bunches or separately. In which you get uncommon thingselite makeup, and indeed a few physical merchandise as prizes!


The warmest family

Pollux has unarguably the foremost dynamic and solid community from all other bot servers. Particularly amid occasionsClients lock in in a assortment of exercises together, a few with Pollux included. We have little communities of Russian, Portuguese, Clean and Spanish talking clients as well. Connect the bolster server and have a see!



The positioning framework is what you’d anticipate from each bot. But with a few included energy and a few profundity of customizability (for servers)


and many more!

Pollux features a entire assortment of highlights to investigateinclude her to your server and attempt for yourself! A few more highlights include:

Online dashboard Over 10 Dialects (Counting Clean, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and more!) Fun minigames (like, truly fun) Mystery Commands Picture Commands The leading marriage framework around. Counting rings and indeed legal counselors in case of a separate!

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