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Passione Bot is a advanced bot which powers and has ability to provide the best profile system over the globe, and extremely good giveaway system. The bot allows you to create giveaways with requirements, and what not? You can even edit it later. The bot currently supports giveaways with requirements and profile, however new commands are always being added. ( Use -help command )

It allows you to create giveaways with requirements like “Server Requirement”/”Invites Requirement”/”Role Requirement”/”Message Requirement” and various other excieting stuff! Passione Bot is the first global bot to provide “Giveaway Logs”, yes you heard it right! Giveaway logs which is a new tracking system to track each and every detail regarding giveaways, it tracks every guy who participate in the giveaway, removes his reaction, joins, and even logs giveaway start and end time. ( Use -giveawaylog command )

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Last Update:October 10, 2020
Released:October 10, 2020