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Mutter Nonsense is a casual, party game where you and your friends, family, and even enemies comedically duke it out to prove who is the funniest once and for all!
Let this discord bot become the host as you answer silly fill-in-the-blank prompts in this multiplayer game! Your host reads back the prompts with your clever responses anonymously filled in, and then, everyone votes who answered the funniest. Of course, you can never vote on any of the prompts you responded to because that’s called “cheating.”

To start the bot, type:

!start Mutter Nonsense

To start the game once everyone joins the game, type:


To exit the game, type:



If you have any feedback, email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say, “What’s taking them so long?” Well, maybe not that fast…

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Last Update:October 10, 2020
Released:October 10, 2020