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NBABot Discord Bot


NBABot is a multifunctional bot created for basketball loving communities co-owned by chig#4519 and freejstn#0666.


NBABot Commands Prefix: nba (customisable)


NBABot is a Discord bot made by and for NBA fans.

Created by Eliot Chignell (chig#4519) and Justin Alexander (freejstn#0666)



  • Real-time scores and boxscores
  • Player information and statistics
  • virtual betting system using odds from ESPN

Commands NBABot

nba balance OR nba balance USERShows yours or another users profile.
nba bet AMOUNT TEAM OR nba bet AMOUNT TEAM TEAMPlace a bet on a team who you expext to win.
nba betsLists all your placed and unclaimed bets.
nba betting-helpRuns you through the ins and outs of our betting system.
nba boxscore TEAM OR nba boxscore DATE TEAMShows you detailed information about player stats from game.
nba claimAllows you to claim your placed bets
nba donateLinks our patreon
nba help OR nba help COMMANDShows the list of commands. You’re looking at it!
nba inviteGives you a link to invite NBABot to your server.
nba board OR nba board globalShows the top betters for your server, or globally.
nba schedule TEAMShows the next five games for a given team.
nba newsShows the latest headlines from around the basketball world. (Fetched from ESPN)
nba pingShows you NBABot’s Ping
nba player-info FIRSTNAME LASTNAMEShows you basic information about a certain player.
nba player-stats FIRSTNAME LASTNAME OR nba player-stats FIRSTNAME LASTNAME YEARShows you a player’s stats for the season. The NBA API only supports this feature for active players and their seasons from roughly 2014-15.
nba rbet TEAM OR nba rbet TEAM DATERetracts a placed bet for a team for today or a current date. This command will refund your betted amount.
nba report-bug MESSAGEInform the developers about a bug and they might get back to you.
nba roster TEAMShows the active roster for a team.
nba score-sheet TEAM DATERetrieves the full 17-page PDF with all the game details.
nba scores OR nba scores TEAMShows live scores for today or another date if specified.
nba standings OR nba standings east/westShows the standings for the league or just one conference.
nba teamsShows all the teams that NBABot Supports.
nba team-info TEAMShows some basic info for the requested team.
nba voteGives you the link to vote for NBABot and recieve rewards.
nba websiteGives you the link to our website.



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Last Update:October 3, 2020
Released:September 27, 2020