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Mops Discord Bot


Mainly a Tracker. Keeps track of Twitch streamers/clips, Youtubers, Tweets, Reddit, Steam, Overwatch/Osu/OSRS, RSS feeds, JSON.


Mops Commands Prefix: !, @Mops, changeable via setPrefix


Mops could be a social media tracker. Most of the work has been put to track stats or changes on different websites and diversions.


Currently Mops can track:

Twitch streamsTracks: streamer went live; streamer went offline; streamer switched games + super fancy viewer graph
Twitch clipsKeeps track of any new clips that reach a certain viewer count within 30 minutes.
MixerTrack streamers on Mixer
Youtube channelsShows new videos, and live feed for livestreams. Add via channel ID, not name
Overwatch playersAppears alter in level, diversions won, SR and recess for each legend after each session
SubredditsAppears unused posts. You ought to restrain your subreddit advance by subjects or someting like that
Osu players' statsTracks all scores that added at least +0.1pp, in any game mode
Twitter tweetsShows new tweets
SteamKeeps track of played games, and notifies on gained achievements.
OSRS CharactersKeeps track of skill levels
HTML textKeeps track of a particular portion of a html site, and informs at whatever point the followed esteem changes.
RSS feedKeeps track of RSS nourishes, and informs at whatever point modern things show up.
JSONKeeps track of JSON components, and informs at whatever point the component changes.

List of commands: !help, or @Mops help (* suffix means it is a command group, used like this

!commandgroup command)

Description and example usage of command: ?command
Change prefix: !SetPrefix

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Last Update:September 28, 2020
Released:September 28, 2020