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Miki Discord Bot


A bot for a great all-around experience, combining admin, fun, levelling, marriage and achievements!


Miki Commands Prefix: >


The Jack-of-All-Trades of Discord Bots

Miki is a jack-of-all-trades Discord bot build using C#. She has many features, including:

  • profiles and levels,
  • achievements,
  • marriages,
  • user generated pastas,
  • image searching,
  • user interactions,
  • role management (NEW!)
  • osu, and overwatch statistics
  • and more!

Want to learn more about Miki? Join our server, or invite Miki to your server to get started!

Why pick MIKI?

Miki has already won the hearts of millions of people and continues to do so with her rich set of functions.


Show off and customize your profile with our extensive background collection. Unleash your inner completionist by collecting all 50+ achievements and badges. Show your affection through our marriage system, because everyone deserves a little bit of love!

Luma 🌙's avatar

Luma 🌙Right now
Hey look at this, I’m about to win the jackpot!

Tal's avatar

TalRight now
No way. One more win and you’ll beat me 🙁

Miki's avatar

MikiBOTRight now
Luma 🌙 has obtained the “Millionaire” achievement!

Tal's avatar

TalRight now
>ban @troll for spamming all our gaming channels.

Miki's avatar

MikiBOTRight now
Gotcha! He’s gone now. I’ve put your reason in the audit log.

Complete server control

Miki does not play around when it comes to providing utility for your server. Server owners can incentivize their communities by implementing role rewards, making roles level-based, purchasable or self-assignable. In addition, Miki provides a lot of moderation tools such as cleaning up chats and removing unwanted users from your server.

Uncover Miki’s potential!

Whenever you send messages, you will receive experience points and climb the leaderboards. In addition, you can earn currency by being active and collecting daily bonuses. Furthermore, you can push your luck and risk these earnings in gambling games, such as blackjack, to become the richest person on the leaderboards!

Miki's avatar

MikiBOTRight now
Tal has levelled up to level 12 and has unlocked the “Officially cool” role!

Tal's avatar

TalRight now

Luma 🌙's avatar

Luma 🌙Right now
Sweet, the new update has some fancy new rolling system! Just what I asked for to use for my DND sessions!

Luma 🌙's avatar

Luma 🌙Right now
>roll 1d4 + 6

Miki's avatar

MikiBOTRight now
Luma 🌙 has rolled 8 (2 + 6)

Always improving!

Our diverse community is helping us translate Miki into many languages. On top of that, with rapid development, new features are being released weekly! Online features, such as dashboards, profiles and configuration, are in the works as we speak. We are consistently probing the community for more ideas and suggestions, Got a suggestion? Share yours today!

People love Miki!

Here are some of our communities actively supporting Miki and her abilities to help your server

Our server was losing its foundation until Miki came aboard, the community was united with all of its unique features and brought new friendships all-around!

Kibii TV


Miki helps keep the flow of conversations going with her wide variety of fun commands in our server. She’s great for small and large servers alike, providing both entertainment and utility!

Kongregation on Discord


With so many customizations and commands, Miki is one of the ultimate utility and fun bots we’ve seen. And trust me, we’ve gone through plenty!



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Miki Bot is a comprehensive Discord community bot that allows you to customize profiles, unlock achievements, interact through a marriage system, and even earn experience points and currency through games like blackjack. ... Making your own Discord bot doesn't have to be difficult.




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Last Update:October 6, 2020
Released:October 4, 2020