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MadLibs Commands Prefix: ml! (customizable)


A bot that allows you to play that one word game with your friends, or by yourself if you don’t have any. Oh, and you can improve your English!


This bot is very basic, and only has few commands. The aim is to provide an interactive, simple, and most importantly, fun way to have a good laugh. There are over fifty default story templates to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own story templates!

The Game Process

Anyone can host a MadLibs game by doing ml!madlibs in any channel where the bot has Embed Links permission. As soon as the game starts, people have 30 seconds to join by typing join in the same channel. The host can start the game at any time. When the game starts, the host can scroll through a list of both default and custom templates to choose from. Once the host selects a story, it will cycle through all the participants, asking them to name a noun, adjective, or even maybe a body part! Once all the blanks have been filled, the grand finale is revealed on a countdown to build the hype. I am sure everyone, host and participants, will have a hard time not dying from laughter.

Other Info

This bot is tiny right now. So if you’ve ever played the real MadLibs game before, please consider helping us out by inviting and voting! If you haven’t, well then I feel bad for you. (But you will still love it!)


  • An interactive and fun way to play MadLibs
  • Highly customizable
  • Over 50 built-in templates to choose from
  • Ability for anyone to add their own spice of a template to any server
  • Guaranteed to make your day better
  • (Might even cure depression? (temporarily))

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Last Update:October 12, 2020
Released:October 12, 2020