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Ken Discord Bot


A very cute bot that contains music, social, game, fun, moderation, and xp leveling commands.


Ken Commands Prefix: "Ken "


A multipurpose discord bot. It can play youtube videos and bandicamp urls, and it also includes DJ permessions so all users dont have permission to mess with the bot when music is playing. Also, users can play many advanced games such as nunchi, blackjack, and they can also battle each other. The bot also has moderation tools including, kick, ban, tempmute, and others. It also has social commands such as kiss, tickle, boop, slap, punch, lick, hug, pat, The bot also allows users to ship each other. Also, it also has a leveling XP system for how much each user chats! Finally, and most important, the bot is very cute!

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Last Update:October 12, 2020
Released:October 11, 2020