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Hydra – Discord Music Bot

Listen to a music bot with style! Feature rich with support for songs and playlists from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud and more!


Hydra Commands Prefix: . (customizable)


Unique Design

Unique songrequest channel dedicated to Hydra. Control your music via a simple reaction-based-menu. Supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more… You can also use it like any other music bot out there without the setup via “.play songName/Url”


Everything in one place

See all the infos in the request channel. Current song, length, requester and the queue info.


Prefix (.prefix newPrefix)

Change the prefix on your Server Keep in mind that i will replace Whitespace characters and the ‘@’ sign



To enable/disable the possibility to load favorites and playlists in the queue you can type ‘h?playlists’ in the music channel On default they are enabled


DJ role

To set the dj role you have to type: ‘.setdj <@role, name or id>’ replace this part: <@role, name or id> — with a actual role mention, name or id



If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat



Most of them only work in the created music channel!


Private Playlists

If you favorited a song (Star emoji) it will get saved in your private playlist. To play all your favorites you have to type ‘.playlist’.



Hydra is multilingual and you can set your prefered language. ‘.language list’ to list all available languages. You can help to translat or request new languages here.



To load a playlist from YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud type ‘.play link’ in the music channel. You can also just paste the URL in the channel and add a ‘-a’ in the end to load all. It’s also possible to instantly shuffle the playlist on load ‘URL -a -s’


Commands Hydra Bot



Shows the help menu.

Aliases: h



Shows lyrics for the currently playing song.

Aliases: lyric, ly


.lyrics <song title>

Shows lyrics for the provided song.



Shows the latency of the bot.

Aliases: latency


.ping ws

Shows the websocket latency of the bot.


.ping rest

Shows the rest latency of the bot.


.play <song name/url> [flags]

Plays a song.

Aliases: p


.play file

Plays the file attached to the message.



Play your saved default playlist.

Aliases: pl


.playlist list

List your saved playlists.


.playlist show <playlist name> [page number]

Show the songs within the provided playlist.


.playlist song save <url>

Save a song to your default or provided playlist


.playlist song delete <songId>

Delete a song from your default or provided playlist



Show the user and server premium status

Aliases: prem, premium



Shows the queue.

Aliases: q, list


.queue <page number>

Show a specific page of the queue.


.search <song name>

Searches and lets you choose a song.



Shows details of the song currently being played.

Aliases: si, np, song, nowplaying


.songinfo <song number>

Shows the detail of a specific song in the queue.



Lets you vote for skipping the current track.

Aliases: vs

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Want to use Hydra like a standard Discord music bot? By skipping out the initial setup you're able to use Hydra in any text and voice channel you'd like! Just paste a command and wait for a response! Happy listening ;)
1) Use it like any other music bot out there via . play songName/Url here 2) Use the . setup command and get a unique songrequest channel. You can queue songs in there simply by name or url (no prefix or command needed).


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Last Update:September 28, 2020
Released:September 28, 2020