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Handsome JackBot is a Discord Bot made mostly for the purpose of allowing an every day player of Borderlands 3 to
view Hotfix data and In-Game Files with basically no work to them.
The bot also has different commands to resources from the Borderlands 3 community such as math and build guides.
When it comes to Hotfix data the bot will automatically update its specific channel that it can create optionally with all the new data
brought in from a Hotfix, whether the Hotfix was public or not, the bot checks for these Hotfixes every 30 minutes.
As for the In-Game Files, the bot has commands to search for files via keywords the user can search and then will send the file that
the user requests with a second command. These files that are being searched are via my local storage of In-Game Files that I have extracted
and serialized, I do this the day of any patch that releases for the game and will usually update the bot with said files the same day.
Along with these described commands there are other options other than those and other resources like a build damage calculator.
Any questions can be directed to SSpyR#7851 on Discord!

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Last Update:October 10, 2020
Released:October 10, 2020