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Fruitical is a multi-purpose bot that is still in beta.


  • Applications
    • Acceptapp, Addapplication, Addquestion, Denyapp, Listapplications, Listquestions, Removeapplication, Removequestion, Apply
  • Currency
    • Addcoins, Addshopitem, Buy, Leaderboard, Removecoins, Shop, Work
  • Info
    • Corona, Help, Links, Ping, Whois
  • Misc
    • Avatar, Clyde, Deliver, F, Meme, Reroll, Rickroll, Trumptweet, Urban
  • Moderation
    • Ban, Clearwarns, Kick, Mute, Unban, Unmute, Warn, Warns
  • Music
    • Loop, Lyrics, Nowplaying, Pause, Play, Playlist, Pruning, Queue, Remove, Resume, Search, Shuffle, Skip, Skipto, Stop, Volume
  • RoleReaction
    • RoleReaction
  • Utility
    • Purge, Eval, Giveaway, Lock, Prefix, Report, Say, Slowmode, Suggest, Unlock

Special Thanks

  • To all the people that helped me develop this bot
  • BananasAmIRite for coding most of the currency and helped a lot
  • afvnit # 7190 for designing the bots logo
  • And all the staff members of the fruitical discord.


  • Added Music
  • Added Unban
  • Fixed multiple errors and bugs
  • Improved overall embeds
  • Currency now somewhat works (WIP)
  • A HUGE overhaul and update coming soon.
  • Fixed multiple commands/embeds

To do:

  • Clean up code
  • Optimize
  • Make embeds look ALOT nicer
  • Custom Embeds commands
  • Add Database support to more commands ban/kick etc
  • Finish economy commands
  • Make commands, when ran, create the respective channel to log the command. Ban = Logs kick = Logs Warn = Logs Reports = Logs etc…
  • More commands such as 8ball
  • Gambling system
  • Anything else I think of

Note: Since the bot is relatively new, some features may not work or don’t work at all.

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Last Update:September 26, 2020
Released:September 26, 2020