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Friskytool Discord Bot


Easy commands • Amari&Mee6 lvl req • Invite counting • Always allow/Blacklist role • Extremely Customizable • One of top rated Giveaway Bot


Friskytool Commands Prefix: + (customizable)



  • Giveaways
  • Invite Counting
  • Message counting
  • Music (Currently disabled, enabling again soon)
  • Utility
  • Moderation
  • Timers and Countdowns


+gstartGiveawaysStarts a giveaway+gstart {time} {winners} {level requirement} {prize}+gstart 1m 1w Donator Nitro: Starts a giveaway for 1 minute with one winner. The minimum rank is Donator and the prize is Nitro

+gstart 1h 3w l3[amari] Level Up: Starts a giveaway for 1 hour with 3 winners. The minimum level is an amari level of 3 and the prize is a level up

+gendGiveawaysEnds an ongoing giveaway+gend [message id]+gend: Ends a currently running giveaway

+gend 718571939312042024: Ends the giveaway given in message id 718571939312042024

+grerollGiveawaysRerolls an already completed giveaway, only picking users who were valid at giveaway end+greroll [message id]+greroll: Rerolls a recently finished giveaway

+greroll 718571939312042024: Rerolls the giveaway given in message id 718571939312042024

+glistGiveawaysShows all currently running giveaways in the server+glist+glist: Shows all currently running giveaways in the server
+dumpModerationDumps the users with a role+dump {role}+dump Moderator: Dumps all users with the moderator rank

+dump Developer: Dumps all users with the developer rank

+lockModerationLocks a channel+lock+lock: Locks the current channel
+unlockModerationUnlocks a channel+unlock+unlock: Unlocks the current channel
+settingsSettingsLists bots customisable settings+settings+set : lists settings of the server
+set {sub-command)SettingsChanges the chosen setting of the bot+set {sub-command}+settings {subcommand}: Customise a specific setting of the bot

Command Info

  • You can use “|” to seperate the different sections of your arguments. If you do not use these we’ll simply split it up by spaces
  • We support amari and mee6 requirements the bot will automatically remove reactions from invalid users

Upcoming Features

  • A web interface is currently in development, expepect news on it to be posted in our support server
  • We will be redesigning the requirement sections to support many different types of requirements in the future this is just the soft release

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Last Update:September 30, 2020
Released:September 27, 2020