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F1 Info – Formula 1 Discord Bot

I can help you get easy and fast Formula 1 insights, news notifications and more!



circuit     Shows information on the given circuit
constructor Shows information on the given constructor
driver      Shows information on the given driver
result      Shows the result of a Qualification or Grand Prix for the given year and round
standings   Shows the Driver or Cunstructor standings for the given year
weather     Shows the weather forecast for the upcoming Grand Prix


calendar    Shows the calendar for the given year
next        Shows when and where the next Grand Prix takes place
schedule    Shows when all the sessions start for the next Grand Prix
timezone    Set timezone, to correctly show times and dates (Administrators)


motorsport  Turn Motorsport.com notifications on or off (Administrators)
session     Turn race session notifications on or off (Administrators)
twitter     Turn Twitter @F1 notifications on or off (Administrators)


gif         Shows a random Formula 1 GIF, powered by GIPHY

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Last Update:October 11, 2020
Released:October 11, 2020