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EpicFreeGames Discord Bot


This free games bot will always immediately notify you, when a new free game gets released in the Epic Games launcher. The bot is verified!


EpicFreeGames Commands Prefix: .


Never miss free games in the “Epic Games” store again!


EpicFreeGames will always immediately notify you, when a new free game gets released in the EpicGames launcher.
The bot is discord approved and verified. Never miss a free game again.


.set #your_channel_nameSet the channel, where the bot should post all the upcoming free games.
.setRole @yourRoleSet the role, that should get tagged, when a new game is free.
.inviteBe able to invite the Bot to your Server.
.helpSOS, if you need help.

How to get “Epic Games” free games notifications?

1. Add the bot to your server

Click here
to add the bot to your server. Select your server and give the bot the required permissions. Then click “Authorize”. The bot should now be on your server and you should have received a message from it (either a private message or a message on the server). If you didn’t receive a message, the bot probably doesn’t have enough permissions. If it still doesn’t work, then join our support server! Our Support-Team will definitely be able to fix the problem!


2. Type .set in your channel

In a channel, where the bot has permission, write .set #your_channel. The bot will now always send the notifications in this channel.


3. Check if the bot has sent free games to your channel.

If everything worked, the bot is from now on going to remind you of all the new free games. Contact the support, if you need any help.


4. Check the bot status

Finally, take a look at the bot status, to see how long it takes until the next free game gets launched.


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Last Update:October 2, 2020
Released:September 27, 2020