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Commands List

-mute @user minutes – Mute the mentioned user “Use -ban for more info”
-ban @user minutes – Bans the mentioned user “Use -mute for more info”
-Warn @user Reson – Warns the mentioned user
-Warns @user – Send a warn log for the mentioned user
-ClearWarn @user – Clear the users warns
-setup – Run the setup

-play songname/youtubelink – plays the song
-stop – stop the music
-pause – pause the music
-resume – plays the paused music
-skip – skips the current song
-leave – Reset the queue and leaves the channel
-loop queue/song/end – loops the queue/song or ends the loop
-nowplaying – Shows the currently playing song
-dis – The new leave command

-FunFact – Sends a funfact
-dailycookie – Claim your daily cookie
-cookiejar – This is how many cookies you have
-meme – Sends a random meme
-slap @user – Sends a slap gif

-RoleInfo @role/roleID – Shows role info
-FastSupport message – Use this to report bugs
-Donate – Sends information on how you can support the bot
-Ping – Checks how long the bot respond time is
-CookieRewards – Sends a list of rewards you can get from cookies

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Last Update:October 12, 2020
Released:October 12, 2020