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Discord Bots

General Commands

help – Displays all the commands available!

invite – Sends you an invite to the bot and support server!

ping – Gets the bots current ping!


ban – Bans the mentioned user!

kick – Kicks the mentioned user!

mute – Mutes the mentioned user. If no Muted role, it will create one!

purge – Clear a certain amount of messages!

say – Make the bot talk!

unban – Unban the mentioned user!

unmute – removes the muted role from the mentioned user!


eightball – Ask the magic 8ball a question!

flipcoin – Heads or tails?

fliptext – ¡ʇxǝ⊥ ǝɯos dᴉlℲ

randomjoke – Gives you a random joke!

randomnumber – Generates a number from 1 to the highest number you put!


avatar – View yours, or the mentioned users avatar!

suggest – Make a suggestion! | Channel named `suggestions` is needed.

verify – Gives the member a role called Verified. A role named `Verified` must exist!

rlookup – Lookup a roblox user!

Bot is currently in V1.2.5 Beta!

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Last Update:September 26, 2020
Released:September 26, 2020