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Currently you are unable to add CoffinBot to your server as it is awaiting verification by Discord, please join our Discord server for updates.


CoffinBot is a music bot that only plays one song, the almighty Coffin Dance.

Bot Commands

[] Signifies an optional argument.

<> Signifies a required argument.

help[(sub)command/cog]Shows you the bot’s list of commands and allows you to find information on specific cogs and command(s).
privacyNoneShows you the bot’s privacy policy, CoffinBot does not collect data – contact info available in command.
playNoneMakes the bot join to the current voice channel you are in and starts playing Coffin Dance on repeat.
stopNoneStops playing Coffin Dance and leaves the channel.

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Last Update:October 10, 2020
Released:October 10, 2020