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Bongo Discord Bot

300+ commands, 25000 waifus with two systems, meme generation, fbi, trivia, spotify, high quality music, trump/elon tweets and akinator.

Bongo Commands Prefix: b. or custom prefix, @Bongo#3445

Bongo is a wise cat with over 20,000 characters, high quality music, pokemon, amiibos, memes, and more. Bongo has the intention of making your server fun and interactive. By donating to Bongo you will be supporting the future of this bot to make your server more fun and interactive, all while getting sweet perks!

A few features:
• Over 30,000 characters with two distinct systems.
• Buy characters, pokemon, and amiibos.
• Claim characaters and then buy them to create your own list.
• High Quality music accessible to anyone.
• Create your own memes from my templates.
• Reaction Commands
• Anime search, character search
• Chat bot
• Creating your own custom character collections

Originally this bot was made for my friends under another name. I’ve decided to open it to the public, not knowing how much it would grow. I want to say thank you for the people who have supported me (whether in the past or now), motivated me, and helping me make Bongo fun.

Hi! I’m Bongo!

I’m a wise cat who will make your server more fun (or competitive). Listen to my full HD music that can play spotify, soundcloud, bandcamp, playlists, and more.
I am also capable of browsing reddit, 4chan, crypto, and processing images. Be sure to check out my fun (or competitive) waifu system.
Claim your own before your friends or claim all 19,000+ on your own list!
I have over 200,000 jokes that you can search through, fun memes, and so much more.

You can also create custom commands (tags) built off of my commands or just as a fun way of meming in an embed or enhancing your discord server!

Below you will find a list of my built-in commands. Use b.help commandNameHere for more help. If you don’t like my commands, simply blacklist them, and you won’t have to see or worry about them again! You can also use this on a per channel basis, meaning you can create your own quiet channels that I will not respond to. Admins can use a --admin option to bypass this.

Commands Bongo Bot:

Music (with a timestamp): b.play https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ?t=1m24s
addtoplaylist: Add a url to your custom music playlist.
autoplay: Enables/disables automatic replay when no songs are in the queue.
back: Move the queue back. Can use a number between 1 – 10. See your lastplayed list.
bass: Let’s get that BASS BoOooOOOOOooST going! Can use a percentage to adjust the bass.
createplaylist: Creates an empty playlist. You can add urls or include another user’s playlist.
deleteplaylist: Delete one of your custom playlists.
dj: a hub for your dj commands.
djadd: Add a dj to your dj list.
djlist: View your dj list.
djonly: Toggle dj only (must be admin).
djremove: Remove a dj from your dj list.
fastforward: fast forward the song’s time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
goto: go to the time period in the song. Can either use 100(seconds) format or 00:00 (minutes:seconds)
includeplaylist: Include another user’s playlist into your playlist.
join: joins your voice channel or a voice channel you type
jumpqueue: jumps to a track in your queue, removes the songs unless on replay.
lastplayed: gets the last 10 played songs.
leave: leaves any voice channel it’s connected to.
leavecleanup: clean up the queue by anyone not in the voice channel.
loadplaylist: Load the playlist into your queue. Can use numbers at the end to specify which tracks to load (ex: 1-30).
loop: loop all songs (off, on, all).
lyrics: looks up lyrics for a song.
move: Moves a song from postion1 to position2.
nowplaying: shows currently playing song.
pause: pauses the audio.
play: plays the audio or plays the first result it finds. See the search command or soundcloud command to search.
playjump: plays the track then jumps the queue to your track.
playlist: Another way to access your custom music playlists.
playnext: queues your song/playlist into the front of the queue.
playskip: plays your track and skips the current playing song.
queue: shows the queue list.
radio: plays music from my radio stations.
removedupes: remove dupes from the queue.
removefromplaylist: remove this url from your custom music playlist.
replay: replays a song and adds it to the end of the queue. See your last played songs with the lastplayed command.
resume: resumes the song.
rewind: rewind the song’s time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
saveplaylist: Saves the current queue as one of your custom music playlist.
search: searches youtube for your song.
seeallplaylists: See all the user’s playlists.
showplaylist: Shows the contents of the user’s playlist.
shuffle: shuffles all songs continously until turned off.
skip: skips currently playing song or another song from the playlist if specified a number.
soundcloud: searches soundcloud for your song.
stop: stops playing music and I leave channel.
swap: swaps two songs.
unincludeplaylist: Uninclude (remove) another user’s playlist.
updateplaylist: Updates the playlist. Useful if you want to make it public/private.
volume: changes volume. Can set maximum with musicsettings.
voteskip: Vote to skip the song, defaults to 50%. Works best when you blacklist skip.
4chan: Shows a random image (and text) from the specified board. Use at your own risk kek. NSFW channel required.
amiibo look up information on every single amiibo by name!
avatar: displays user avatar
crypto: finds info from coinmarketcap. (top, coin, convert)
fortnite: displays overall fornite stats.
image: google image searches and allows you to navigate images!
imgur: specify an imgur album, and I’ll give you a random picture from that album whcih you can navigate! Create an alias for ease of use.
jisho: translates word into kanji.
league: League of Legends stats on a user.
lmgtfy: let me google that for you.
overwatch: displays your overall overwatch stats (publicize your account for more info)
pokedex: displays information on a pokemon by number or name!
poll: have your server poll for something. Default is 30 seconds with a maximum of 1440 minutes.
reddit: gets a random reddit thread from a subreddit. Can specify more with options such as “new”, “top” “hot”, etc. Navigate 25 threads!
toxic: finds out how toxic your text is. Great for league of legends…
wikipedia: Gives a random wiki article or searches for one based off of your description.
aww: gets a post from /r/aww.
butt: how hawt is your thot?
cat: random cat image/gif
comic: generates a random comic from explosm (cyanide & happines).
dadball: 8ball but Dadgar (Khadgar) from WoW version (idk why)
dankmeme: dank memes.
dog: random dog image/gif
eyebleach: gets cute images from r/Eyebleach
f: pay your respects. Can say “for cheese” => “pay respects for cheese.”
garfield: displays a random Garfield comic.
httpcat: displays a random httpcat or your own if you know your protocols.
joke: tells a random joke or looks up a joke with my 200,000+ jokes. Ex: “joke dad” or “joke computer”
lpt: shows a life pro tip.
meme: shows memes.
owo: OwO, what’s this? Converts your speak into owo
poem: gets a random poem from poemhunter.com
prequelmeme: Why hello there!
wholesomememe: wholesomeme which you can navigate!
xkcd: gets a random xkcd or specify a number to see a specific one.
attack: attack someone! Add your own message and @message someone!
bite: chomp.
blush: You blush owo.
boop: boops. Add your own message and @message someone!
cringe: Use when someone says something cringy
cry: Waaaaahhh. You cry. Add an @mention and/or your own description to blame someone.
cuddle: You get cuddles or cuddle someone owo.
dab: dab on them haters. Add your own message and @message someone to dab on!
dance: Show me your moves.
delet: delet this.
dodge: dodges! Add your own message and @message someone!
hug: get a hug or give a hug. Add your own message and @message someone!
kiss: get a kiss or give a kiss. Add your own message and @message someone!
lewdno: That’s lewd! No more.
lewdyes: Yes, yes, YES!
lick: you lick, rero rero rero.
nobulli: pls no moar bulli. Add an @mention and/or your own description.
nom: you nom.
oof: oof.
pat: get a pat or give a pat. Add your own message and @message someone!
pout: you begin to pout.
rekt: get rekt nerd
slap: slaps. Add your own message and @message someone!
sleepy: you feel sleepy, maybe someone can help.
smug: Your smugness intensifies.
stares: you stare or stalk someone.
sugoi: wow, sugoi!
thot: B E G O N E T H O T
wasted: W A S T E D
weebalert: weeb alert. There is a weeb in this channel!
wtf: hold up, wtf did he just say.
anime_irl: gets dank anime_irl memes.
animeme: gets anime memes (animemes subreddit).
animesearch: search for an anime.
anone: Anone! Anone! Pure platelets.
awwnime: gets cute awwnime.
booette: I hate myself and you do too.
bowsette: I hate myself and you do too.
ddlc: gets random doki doki literature club picture.
gabe: gets random Gabriel Dropout gif.
ghibli: gets random Studio Ghibli gif.
jojo: gets random jojo post.
jojogif: gets random jojo gif.
kanna: gets random kanna reaction image or random kanna gif.
konosuba: gets random KonoSuba image/gif.
lovelive: get on your nico nico knees for these love live gifs.
mangasearch: searches for manga.
monogatari: Get a random totally safe monogatari image/gif.
myanimelist: displays your weeb account.
nichijou: gets random Nichijou gif.
nier: gets random Nier image.
nonnonbiyori: ~nyanpasu~ gets random Non Non Biyori image/gif.
rem: gets a rem image.
shinobu: gets a shinobu image.
whatanime: what anime is that? Give me an image to search through.
addclaimemoji: Add your custom emoji to the server’s claim emoji (instead of the hearts)
autorole: automatically assign a role (needs permissons)
blacklist: removes command from help command list and I do not respond to that command. Works for server and channel.
channelsettings: set up options for this channel (daily wiki, daily word of the day, log info, quiet channel, etc)
claimemojilist: See your custom claim emoji list
delete: deletes messages up to 100. Can @user someone to delete their messages.
musicsettings: customize your music settings for the server.
mysettings: customize your settings (anime reactions only and more).
removeclaimemoji: Removes a claim emoji from your list. Remove all to have original heart emojis.
serernsettings: settings for your server.
whitelist: removes command from blacklist’s server list, channel list, or user list.
changelog: Shows recent changes for the bot. Sometimes I forget to update this 🙁
donate: I’m not expecting donations, but they are helpful and do come with perks.
help: shows help info. Use help for more info on a command.
id: gets your id and guild id.
invite: creates an invite for me to join your server.
stats: shows bot stats
tag (universal custom commands): anyone can use your commands if you have this enabled
tags: shows list of tags (custom commands)
vote: vote for me: reset your claims, waifus, get more points and a streak bonus! owo
Meme Templates
achievement: Wow great job, great text!
America: America!!
ascii: creates an ascii image of your image.
bazinga: adds a bazinga! to your image.
blur: add a level of blur to your image.
blurpify: show that pretty discord blurple color.
bobross: give bob ross a beautiful image to paint.
bobrosszoom: give bob ross a beautiful image to paint but zoomed in.
bodypillow: I have this same body pillow in my room.
bodypillowmale: I have this same male body pillow in my room.
bongocatmid: Bongo cat is at the middle of this image.
bongocattop: Bongo cat is at the top of this image.
certificate: I award you this certificate.
changemymind: Go ahead, try to change my mind with your given text.
communism: Comrade.
dateline: Take a seat over there.
deepfry: *sniff* smells good. deepfries an image. Combine with fry and overfry for best results.
dio: IT WAS ME! DIO!
elonmusktweet: I remember that tweet from Elon Musk too.
fry: not quite the deepfry mess yet. Combine with deepfry and overfry for best results.
graph: Ah yes this graph shows that.
halloweenify: OoOOoo SpOOOooOOOOOooky colors.
hatkidsays: add text to hat kid says image.
hatkidsmug: add text to hat kid smug face says image.
haunting: Haunting moments taken before disaster. Very scary.
homie: Sexy Homer looks into your eyes and sees your image in his sunglasses reflection.
hot: Awwww. That’s hot. That’s hot.
ihadto: I had to do it to em.
jail: Off to jail.
Japan: Japan flag.
jojokira: This pleases kira. He is really pleased.
jojoshock: add image or @message/userId someone for Yukako’s shocked expression!
jojosmash: add image or @message/userId someone for Jotaro to smash!
jojosmile: add or link an image or @message/userId someone for Jotaro to smile at.
jojowallet: This image was in their wallet.
jpeg: needs more jpeg. Give me an image or @mention someone to jpeg.
loveher: Show your love by @mention or adding a link.
mario: dang this image made mario commit sudoku off a building.
nope: Show your NOPE by @mention or adding a link.
notememe: add image, @message/userId someone, or text for that one passing note meme.
ohbilly: oh billy I’m so proud of you.
overfry: *sniff* oh it’s ruined. Overfries an image. Combine with fry and deepfry for best results.
pengu: Gunter has this to say.
phonememe: add image or @message/userId someone for that one phone meme.
pixelate: pixelates an image with a given value.
pingree: Use this when someone pings you.
poster: add your image/@message someone for the police to hold up as a poster.
pregnant: this image is now pregnant. How could you do that?!
presidentialalert: You have an important announcement to make.
qrcode: creates a QR code from your message.
rdog: supply text to add to retarded dog meme.
sharpen: sharpen an image.
simplerick: Simple Rick. Simple life.
sonicsays: add your text to a “Sonic Says” meme.
spongeboblook: Spongebob and Squidward like this very much.
sunnyframe: put your image in Frank’s (Danny Devito) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia frame. Can also use --quote or --text to get the same image with the quote.
top10battle: top 10 anime battles meme but with your image.
top10betrayal: top 10 anime betrayal meme but with your image.
top10brutal: top 10 brutal anime deaths meme but with your image.
top10sad: top 10 saddest anime meme but with your image.
triggered: You are triggered REEEE.
trumphold: Trump really likes this image.
trumplaw: This is now law. Believe me.
trumptweet: Wow. Really good tweet.
vsauce: Hey! Vsauce. Michael here! Where are your fingers?
water: I’d rather have this over water.
weeb: Show your weeb colors.
whyfbihere: Uh… Son? Why is the FBI here?
wtfpikachu: pikachu is unsure of this.
wtfpoe: Poe is unsure of this.
addcustomwaifu: Add a custom waifu to your server.
aki: play a game with the famous akinator.
amiibolist: Shows your amiibo list
balance: Check your points.
buy: buy pokemon, waifus, infinity stones, donuts, cookies, and more! Earn points with daily, dailylove, trivia, and voting!
buyamiibo: buys your amiibo for your own list!
buyclaim: Buys a claim. Very expensive.
buypokemon: buys a pokemon for your own list!
buyrandom: randomly buys a donut, cookie, fuel, pokemon, buywaifu, or amiibo
buyrolls: Buy rolls.
buywaifu: buys your waifu for your own list! Can you get all 19,000?
buywaifulist: shows your beautiful bought waifu list. Different from your claimed waifus (waifulist)
claim: See the next time you can claim.
customwaifu: A central hub for your custom waifus.
daily: Your 1000+ daily points. Continuing every day for streaks gives you a point bonus!
dailylove: Your 200+ daily points. Having more friends and marriages increases this effect.
disableseries: Disable a series from your rolls.
divorce: divorce da ho!
enableseries: Enable a series from your rolls.
favorite: favorite your bought waifu, bought amiibo, or claimed waifu.
flip: flip a coin.
forcewaifudivorce: force a waifu divorce by userID or @user.
friend: make a friend with their consent of course.
give: give your bought items to your server members!
guessseries: Guess which series this waifu is from to earn rolls or points.
guesswaifu: Guess who this waifu is to earn rolls or points.
leaderboard: shows the leaderboard. Use leaderboard all to see all and leaderboard all --server to see all the server’s.
marry: marry someone with their consent of course. The more marriages/friends you have the more, the more your daily love earns!
note: Add your note to your bought waifu, claimed waifu, or bought amiibo. You can also change the title of your waifulist, buywaifulist, and amiibolist!
pokemonlist: Shows your pokemon list!
removecustomwaifu: Removes a custom waifu from your list.
sell: sell your stuff to get points back. Use b.sell all buywaifus to sell all of your bought waifus (except for favorites).
serverwaifulist: See all waifus your server owns.
stones: Finish a quest to get the infinity gauntlet and obtain the infinity stones.
titleamiibolist: Give your amiibolist a title (must be less than 200 characters).
titlepokemonlist: Give your pokemonlist a title (must be less than 200 characters).
titlewaifulist: Give your waifulist a title (must be less than 200 characters).
topbuywaifu: see the top 500 bought waifus that users are buying.
topclaimwaifu: see the top 500 claimed waifus that users are claiming.
trade: trade claimed waifus and points. See b.help trade for more info.
trivia: Play some trivia! Ranges from Anime, games, art, and more. Win and earn 30 points!
unfavorite: unfavorite your waifu.
unfriend: Remove your friend because they are a loser.
updatecustomwaifu: Update your custom waifu.
user: Find a user’s economy stats.
waifu: claim your waifu before anyone else in the server (see buywaifu for difference).
waifubirthday: see which waifu’s birthday is today.
waifuinfo: Gets your waifu info.
waifulist: Shows your claimed waifu list (as opposed to buywaifulist). Remember you can always give away, or sell, a trash waifu :^)
waifuremaining: shows the remaining claimed waifus in this server.
waifuseries: search for waifus via series name.
waifutags: search for waifus via certain tag names.
wishlist: Show/use your wishlist. Use b.help wishlist for more info.

Come take a break while listening to music, making a meme, or looking at a random Garfield comic. Can you claim your favorite before your friends? Can you reach all 19,000 on your own list? Or will you spend it all on gamer fuel?

Bongo Avatar Icon created by @ookami.tora on instagram.

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