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Birthday Announcer Bot


Birthday Announcer Commands Prefix: !bab


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A simple Discord bot for announcing current and upcoming birthdays.
The next 60 days’ birthdays are listed every 14 days.
The current day’s birthdays are announced… sometime that day.

Invite here:

The flow for a server admin (run these in the server itself!):

  1. !bab help (to view commands)
  2. !bab enable (to enable on the server, otherwise it won’t run!)
  3. !bab announce_now (to test it out)

The flow for a regular user (recommended to do in a private chat with the bot):

  1. !bab help (to view commands)
  2. !bab set_birthday XX/YY/ZZZZ
  3. !bab set_timezone Continent/Region
  4. !bab get_birthday and !bab get_timezone (to confirm they got set)
  5. !bab hide_age (if you’re a private fellow)

All available commands (type !bab help command for more info on a command):

  announce_now Announce upcoming and current birthdays immediately
  disable      Disable bot on this server
  enable       Enable bot on this server
  get_birthday Get your birthday
  get_timezone Get your timezone
  help         Shows this message
  hide_age     Hide your age in announcements
  is_enabled   Check if bot is enabled on this server (disabled by default)
  set_birthday Set your birthday
  set_timezone Set your timezone
  show_age     Show your age in announcements

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Last Update:October 12, 2020
Released:October 12, 2020