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Fully fledged discord bot with functionalities all around osu!, aswell as some general utility and stream tracking.

With the bot’s osu! commands you can

  • check recent plays ()
  • a background guessing game ()
  • display the personal topscores (with specified min acc, combo, or grade) ()
  • show you best score with each mod combination on a map ()
  • compare top scores between players ()
  • check the global or even belgian leaderboards of maps (, )
  • calculate a performance rating for players of a multiplayer match () credits to dain98
  • simulate scores with arbitrary acc, combo, amount 300s, ... ()
  • display a bunch of statistics all around a users osu profile (, , ...)
  • recalculate the personal top 100 if all scores were unchoked ()
  • and a bunch more

Moreover, I tried my best to keep all commands accessible for all gamemodes.

To invite the bot to your server, use this link

A spreadsheet with all current commands can be found here although I can't guarantee the sheet will stay up-to-date

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Last Update:September 27, 2020
Released:September 27, 2020