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AppBot for Discord


A Certified Bot made for Applications, featuring Multiple Applications, Acceptance Role, and more! Use for staff apps, registration, etc.


AppBot Commands Prefix: /



If you have an organized server in Discord, then this bot is an essential. This bot is the perfect bot for keeping your server professional. It allows members to apply for a position in your Discord server without having to leave Discord itself.

Getting Started Guide

Once you understand the basics of AppBot, using it will be a breeze! Before we begin, there are a few key things worth noting. Between this version, and the last, the default prefixes have changed. When adding the bot, the default prefixes are @AppBot and /. AppBot 3 is also a brand new bot, developed from the ground up in a different language of code. There may be bugs at first, but these will be ironed out over time. Let’s begin.

Inviting the Bot:

Before we are able to do anything, we need to invite the bot. To do this, go to https://www.appbot.site/ in your browser of choice. Below is a picture of what you should see:

After you have navigated to the website, click on the Login button. This will redirect you to a discord page. From here, enter your credentials in order to add AppBot to your server. Discord will ask you to authorize the login. From here, you will press Authorize. Once again, you will be redirected. The new page will be titled: “Select a Guild.” This page allows you to choose the server you would like to add AppBot to. Please select the server of your choice.

Configuring AppBot:

With the new version 3 update, AppBot has been given its own, sleek, and easy to use, website dashboard. This section is split into several sections. Please find the section that you are looking for. To access the dashboard in your server, you will have already added AppBot to your server. If you need to do this, read the above section of documentation, titled “Inviting the Bot.” Please navigate to your Discord server by either opening up the Discord App, or by going to https://www.discordapp.com/app/. Go to the server that you would like to configure. While in the server, type @AppBot config. AppBot will message you in your Direct Messages, which provides you with a link for your server’s Configuration Panel. Click on the link. AppBot allows you to configure different parts of the bot. Prefixes, Logs, Archives, Different Roles, Notifications, and Languages can all be set, inside of the Settings tab of the Dashboard. To adjust/change/configure any of these options, simply click on the option, and follow the on-screen directions provided below each option.

Creating Applications:

If you do not already know how to access your Configuration Dashboard for your Discord Server, please read the above section. AppBot 3’s incredible dashboard allows you to create applications faster than ever. To create a new application, navigate to the Applications tab of the Dashboard. Here, you should see a + icon. Press the icon. From this page, you are able to choose the Name, Application Type, Application Status (Open/Close), the Welcome Message, Cooldown (if any), Required Roles, Autoroles, Remove Roles, and add as many questions as you may like. After you are done creating your application, press Submit.


Applying for Applications:

To apply for an application, there must already be one application that was created in your server. Let’s begin. Type @AppBot apply in your server. Follow the link to the application you would like to apply for (sent in DMs), and complete the application by following the on-screen instructions. Once you have finished filling it out, press submit.

Reviewing Applications:

If you are unaware of how to navigate to your Server’s Dashboard, please see the section titled, Configuring AppBot. Please navigate to your Server’s Dashboard. From here, please select the Submissions option from the sidebar. Here, all submitted applications will be displayed. To review an application, please click on said application, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Bug Reports (Most Common Bugs)

This section is constantly updated! If you stumble upon an unreported bug, please join the support server, and create a ticket! To join the support server, click here.

AppBot doesn’t respond to commands? To fix this, it is likely you are using a prefix that isn’t AppBot’s Default Prefix. As stated in an earlier section, the / prefix has been removed from AppBot’s List of Default Prefixes. Instead, please use @Appbot#2871.

AppBot doesn’t save changes made/things submitted? UNKNOWN FIX! UNDER INVESTIGATION.

  1. AppBot – cool discord bot with his Webdashbord. Use for staff apps, registration, etc. AppBot is a utility for Role Management. I recommend this Bot to everyone

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