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Telegram stickers

What are stickers?

Stickers are pictures (stickers) with which you can express your emotions. It’s almost like emoticons, only much cooler. Stickers in Telegram can be used for free.

Where can I find new stickers for Telegram?

All the best Telegram stickers can be found in the sticker catalog. You can also use the built-in bot Telegram @sticker.

Just type @sticker in the input field and select the emoticon with the emotion that you need. The bot will offer you some of the most suitable stickers for this situation to choose from.

How to create your own set of Telegram stickers?

Everyone can create their own set of stickers. To do this, write the @stickers bot and follow its instructions.

1 step. Type the command / newpack and enter the name of your future set. It can be anything.

2 step. Now let’s start adding stickers. Send the bot a picture, then an emotion that will match it. That’s it, your first sticker is already in the kit! Then repeat this procedure (emoticon picture) until you get tired (or until the pictures run out). The maximum number of stickers in one set is 120 pieces.

3 step. As soon as you finish filling out your set of stickers, send the / publish command to the bot and enter the short name of the set (this name will be contained in the link where all your friends can install this set for themselves later). The name must be written in Latin letters and must not be shorter than four characters.

4 step. All is ready! Now the bot has given you a link to your own set and you can share it with your friends or send us a sticker catalog to us.

It may be that the name you want to use is already taken. Then the bot will tell you about it, and you will have to choose a different name.

The bot does not want to accept my address, what should I do?

The dialing address must be five or more characters and begin with a letter. The first part of the address ( does not need to be entered.

What are the image format requirements?

The file must be in PNG format with a transparent background. The image should fit into a 512 × 512 square (one side is 512 pixels, the other 512 or less).

To make your sticker look equally good on any background, we recommend adding a white stroke and shadow to the image, as in this example.

How to remove / add stickers in my kit?

For any operations with your kit, you need to contact the @sticker robot.

To remove a sticker from the set, send the / delsticker command to the robot and then send the sticker that you would like to remove.

To add a new sticker to an already created set, send the / addsticker command to the robot, then send it a link to your set (to which you need to add the sticker). Well, then according to the old scheme, send a picture to the bot, and then an emoticon.

Also, the functions of the robot allow you to see the download statistics of your set.

How to completely remove the Telegram sticker pack?

To remove a set, send the / delpack command to the @stickers bot. Please note that after removal, the set will remain with those users who have already installed it. New users will not be able to install it.

How to change the name of the set?

It is not possible to change the name of the set. This problem can only be solved if you re-create the set (already with the desired name).

How many stickers can be in one set?

The maximum number of stickers in one set is 120 pieces.

Why did the link to the Telegram sticker pack stop working?

Recently, there have been more frequent cases when the link to your favorite set unexpectedly stopped working. Most likely, this set was deleted from Telegram at the request of copyright holders (copyright infringement).

How to transfer rights to view statistics of sticker sets to another user?

Unfortunately, nothing. Only the creator of the set can view statistics and perform any other actions with the set (delete or add stickers).

How to make private stickers?

All sticker packs in Telegram are public. However, if you don’t share a link to your set with anyone, then no one will see it.

How to change the order of stickers in a set?

To do this, use the / ordersticker command in the @stickers bot.


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