Google launched a coronavirus site

google coronavirus web
google coronavirus web

Google has created an information site and a hub in the search engine for the coronavirus, writes Engadget.

When searching for the words “coronavirus” and “COVID-19”, a special hub with reliable data from WHO and local health organizations will soon appear at the top of the search engine for the mobile and desktop versions. There will be several sections: with news articles, descriptions of symptoms, treatment options, preventive measures, and country-specific morbidity and mortality statistics.

Google has also launched a separate coronavirus portal. It contains the same information as the hub: general information about COVID-19 and links to official sites, tips on virus protection, a global pandemic distribution map and links to useful resources.

The site is currently only available in the United States in English, but in the coming days it should work in other countries and in other languages. The hub will be launched in the coming days and also initially in English in the USA, later other countries and languages will be connected.


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