Belarusian neural network analyzes scenarios for Hollywood


A team of Belarusian developers has created a filmustage web service. It automates the process of processing a movie script using neural networks.

The beta version of Filmustage already has more than 100 users – these are directors and producers, including from Hollywood. Now the startup is negotiating cooperation with the Russian director Timur Bekmambetov. In the coming months, the service is going to attract 100 thousand dollars and enter a full release.

Filming of any movie begins with an analysis of the script. This is a long process where you need to subtract an average of 120 pages of text, and virtually every word can be attributed to a certain category (props, transport, location, make-up, costumes, etc.), thus making up the terms of reference for various creative groups. Now this is done manually, we have automated this process using a neural network, accelerating this stage of work from days to seconds, ”says Yegor Dubrovsky.

The need for the product was studied right on the set in Hollywood. In Minsk, the Filmustage team (currently 6 people) conducted more than 60 personal interviews with representatives of the film industry working in Los Angeles. Then the startup made the necessary feature for exporting the processed script to the customer and will begin full-fledged sales with it.

The startup has been developing the beta version since April 2019, it launched at the end of the year. It took a lot of time to create the dataset so that the beta “understood” all the necessary categories.

The service works on the principle of a single button: the user uploads the script of the film in the form of text, the neural network processes it and gives the data in a convenient form. The program analyzes the downloaded text and creates lists according to the specified parameters, for example, “Locations”, “Costumes”, “Transport”, “Animals”, “Sound”. After the system makes the necessary collections, you only need to re-read them and make changes.

All data is stored on encrypted Google servers. By the time of launch, the startup plans to undergo a security audit to meet all standards.

  • The monetization model is tied to the number of pages. For example, 100 pages will cost a client $ 300. Recently, one of the film companies, Studio Binder, has launched a service that directly competes with us. For the same size of the script, they charge $ 600. But a person does this work, and spends on it weeks and more from it. We automate the process and do it in seconds, ”says the founder of Filmustage.

One of the first beta users of Filmustage and the first buyer was Executive Producer Martin Noosa. According to Yegor Dubrovsky, initially he was skeptical of the project. But then he made the calculation and evaluation of the script of his new film A Cannibal Mind in the service and “was in wild delight.” The screenplay took first place in two categories at the Las Vegas Film Festival. The film began to prepare for filming.

Filmustage also interested Russian director Timur Bekmambetov. Now the startup team is negotiating with him about options for cooperation.

In the next three months, the startup is going to enter a full release and attract investment in promotion.

  • We have reached the stage of public beta without third-party investments, but now we need to launch active sales and a marketing campaign. Filmustage recently accelerated at the Startup Training Camp and earned $ 7,000. We plan to spend them on legal services.

In the next two months we plan to raise up to 100 thousand dollars for active sales and marketing. There are already interested investors both in Minsk and in the Superangels community in Estonia. We took first place at the Garage48 hackathon and, in addition to a package of services (trips to San Francisco for 4 weeks and 4 weeks to another city to choose from), we won investments from 50 to 150 thousand euros. Conditions and amount of investment are discussed.


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