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What is Weather Me Good?

Weather Me Good is a web app powered by AI that provides AI-powered weather forecasts for your travel destinations. It helps you plan your trips based on real-time weather conditions and offers personalized forecasts, restaurant recommendations, and activity suggestions.

This project was started out of curiosity for the OpenAI platform and how it can be used to make our lives easier. Among the countless uses I've come up with, this one has been on my list for two years. Not specifically using AI, but utilizing some "API" to determine what the weather would be like wherever I decide to travel. It's the first thing I look up before booking a flight, especially if it's a new place. So I built this search engine powered by OpenAI - ChatGPT.

How to use Weather Me Good?

To use Weather Me Good, simply select your destination city from the given options and choose your travel dates. The app utilizes the OpenAI API (ChatGPT) to provide you with weather expectations for your trip based on current and historical weather data. The AI-generated weather responses are dynamic, which means they may vary slightly but should provide consistent information.

Weather Me Good's Core Features

Weather Me Good offers the following features:
1. Personalized weather forecasts for your travel destination
2. Real-time weather updates based on current and historical data
3. Restaurant recommendations
4. Activity suggestions
5. Easy-to-use interface with Bootstrap integration

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