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The Not By AI badges are created to encourage more humans to produce original content and help users identify human-generated content. The Ultimate goal is make sure humanity continues to advance.

An expert estimates that 90 percent of online content could be generated by AI by 2025.1 With the surge in AI-generated content, it is important to note that AI is trained on human-generated content. If humans rely solely on AI to generate content moving forward, any new content generated by AI may just be recycled content from the past. This could pose a major obstacle to human advancement. Only by limiting the reliance on AI and continue to create original content can propel us forward as a species.

The chart represents a scenario in which humans stop generating new content and AI reuses pre-existing content to produce new content.

It is worth mentioning that AI technologies mark a major milestone in the history of technology and the Not By AI badge is not designed to discourage the use of AI. Instead, it is to make sure that, while we celebrate the achievement, we work with AI instead of being replaced by AI.

Who Can Use the Badge

The 90% Rule

Understanding that there is a blurred line between what is considered AI-generated vs human-generated, if you are a content creator, such as a writer, researcher, artist, music producer, sound designer, or filmmaker, or a business that provides creative content, and you estimate that at least 90% of your content is created by humans, you are eligible to add the badge into your website, blog, art, film, essay, publications, resume, or whatever your project is. The 90% can include using AI for inspiration purposes, supporting legal documents such as privacy policies (assuming that legal is not the main focus of your content or service), non-user facing content such as SEO meta tags or code, to look for grammatical errors and typos, and to translate content.

Which Badge Should I Use

  • When to use the Painted By Human, Not By AI badge:

    Use this badge if your artwork, including digital and traditional art, paintings, illustrations, and comics, contains less than 10% of AI output.

  • When to use the Written By Human, Not By AI badge:

    Use this badge if your article, including blog posts, essays, research, code, emails, and other text-based content, contains less than 10% of AI output.

  • When to use the Produced By Human, Not By AI badge*:

    Use this badge if your audio (music, vocal, sound effects, voice over, and other sounds), video (films, movies, TikTok/YouTube/Instagram and other social clips, tutorials, and other video-based content), or photography contains less than 10% of AI output.

* If you want to indicate that your overall creative approach and content, which could include images, text, and audio, follows the 90% rule mentioned above, use the Produced By Human, Not By AI badge to accommodate all. Alternatively, you may opt to display all relevant badges.


Depending on how important it is to you to convey the message of Not By AI, you have the flexibility to choose where to display the Not By AI badge. Some users may prefer the badge to be prominent while the others opt for a non-intrusive approach.

Why Should I Use the Badge

Not By AI for Business helps your clients, prospects, and users recognize your human-first approach to problem-solving. This is especially important when the business problem they look to solve is complex and requires a tailored solution that is built by trained humans. Below are ways your business can be benefited by Not By AI:

  • It highlights your customized, human-centric content and solutions.
  • It sets you apart from the competition.
  • It builds trust and credibility for your brand.
  • It proves that your content is safe from AI hallucinations.

Some websites, like WIRED, publish announcements to achieve similar goals. However, these announcements may no longer be visible shortly after their release. With the Not By AI badge, you can ensure that this messaging receives constant exposure.

Badge Use

The following guidelines provide instructions on how to use the Not By AI badge.

  • Linking the badge to is strongly recommended. Wrap the badge image using the anchor HTML element with the href attribute. For example,
    Written by Human, Not by AI

    This allows your audience to understand the mission you are participating in by clicking on the badge to learn more.

  • Respect the clear space: Clear space is the surrounding area around the badge that should avoid any content. The minimum clear space is the x-height of the Not By AI typemark.
  • Do not alter the badge: The badge should not be altered or modified in any way.
  • Minimum Size: To make sure that the badge remains legible and recognizable, it is important to maintain the minimum size of 42 px high for 1x resolution screens, or 84 px high for 2x resolution screens.
  • While the Not By AI badge is meant to be displayed and noted, the content creator is welcome to place the badge in a less visible area, such as a website footer, the plaque for your art, or the back of an album, to prevent the badge from visually competing with your content.

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