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Hidden Door: The AI-Powered Narrative AI Platform

Hidden Door is a game technology studio building the first narrative AI — a platform that transforms any work of fiction into an infinite social roleplaying experience, bringing together players, authors and other creators.

Hidden Door is using machine learning to build a new kind of story game experience, powered by a proprietary generative AI platform, that can adapt any existing work of fiction into an online social roleplaying game.

How Hidden Door works

Hidden Door's AI platform is able to generate realistic and immersive worlds, characters, and stories based on any work of fiction. This means that players can experience their favorite stories in a whole new way, and creators can create new and innovative games based on their favorite IP.

Hidden Door's platform is also very easy to use. Players can simply choose a work of fiction that they want to experience, and the AI will generate a game for them to play. Players can then interact with the world, characters, and story in any way they like.

Hidden Door also offers a variety of features for creators, such as:

  • A powerful authoring tool that allows creators to create their own stories and games.
  • A robust modding community that allows creators to share their work with others.
  • A number of monetization options that allow creators to earn money from their work.

Benefits of using Hidden Door

There are a number of benefits to using Hidden Door, including:

  • Endless possibilities: Hidden Door's AI platform opens up endless possibilities for players and creators. Players can experience their favorite stories in a whole new way, and creators can create new and innovative games based on their favorite IP.
  • Easy to use: Hidden Door's platform is very easy to use, even for users with no prior experience with game development.
  • Powerful tools: Hidden Door offers a variety of powerful tools for creators, such as a powerful authoring tool and a robust modding community.
  • Monetization options: Hidden Door offers a number of monetization options that allow creators to earn money from their work.

Potential applications of Hidden Door

Hidden Door has a wide range of potential applications, including:

  • Gaming: Hidden Door can be used to create new and innovative games based on existing works of fiction. This could open up new markets for game developers and allow them to create games that would not be possible with traditional development methods.
  • Education: Hidden Door can be used to create educational games that are more engaging and effective than traditional teaching methods. For example, students could learn about history by playing a game based on a historical event.
  • Entertainment: Hidden Door can be used to create new and innovative forms of entertainment. For example, users could create their own interactive stories or watch other users play games based on their favorite stories.


Hidden Door is a promising new AI-powered narrative AI platform with the potential to revolutionize the way we experience stories and games. It is easy to use, offers a variety of features, and has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications. Hidden Door is still under development, but it is already being used by a variety of creators to create innovative and engaging experiences.

Additional thoughts

Hidden Door has the potential to democratize the storytelling process. In the past, storytelling was a craft that was only accessible to a small group of people. Hidden Door makes it possible for anyone to create and share their stories with the world.

Hidden Door also has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn and play. By creating immersive and interactive stories and games, Hidden Door can make learning more engaging and fun.

The Hidden Door platform offers a new kind of social roleplay experience with the power of narrat AI. Users can generate their own unique characters and conjure new stories in a personalized multiverse. The platform allows users to play and join with friends in infinite adventures and share their creations with others. The platform also includes a blog and Discord community where users can discuss storytelling, narrative games, AI language building, and more.

Overall, Hidden Door is a promising new AI-powered narrative AI platform with the potential to have a major impact on the way we experience stories and games.

Hidden Door represents a new evolution in social roleplaying experiences, underpinned by an innovative narrative AI. This technology studio is aiming high, setting out to create the world’s first narrative AI platform, transforming any work of fiction into a boundless roleplaying experience​​​​.

Their AI engine is designed to adapt to player choices, crafting unique stories every time, while maintaining the integrity of the fictional world it is set in​​. It combines natural language processing with procedural systems and game simulation to allow users to improvise and generate new adventures within their favorite worlds​​.

The company has raised significant funding to support its growth, with a recent $7 million seed round aimed at expanding its team​​. It's also worth noting that the platform is multi-faceted, allowing users not just to engage in roleplaying but also to create and share stories with friends, suggesting a strong community element to the platform​​.

The enthusiasm surrounding Hidden Door is palpable, with commentary from within the company suggesting that it is one of the most promising AI-in-gaming projects, particularly for being both fun and interesting​​. As of March 2023, the platform was touted as offering a novel social roleplaying experience powered by this narrative AI, highlighting the company's commitment to creating immersive storytelling experiences​​.

In summary, Hidden Door appears to be at the forefront of integrating machine learning and immersive entertainment, leveraging narrative AI to offer unique social roleplaying experiences that adapt and evolve with player interaction, aiming to create a dynamic and engaging narrative multiverse.

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